CM Mamta said- I will remain like Royal Bengal Tiger, leave TMC and compare those going to BJP with Mir Jaffer

Mamta: The Tatras Advertised To Lose Us: “He is not the one who drove the Tatas from Singur, but the CPM has chased them away” Singur-Tata-related comments made the state politics abuzz. On Wednesday, the Trinamool supremo pointed the finger at the former ruling party of West Bengal by taking Trinamool safe on Singur. Ever since Mamata Banerjee’s explosive comments, the Left, Congress, and BJP leaders have called her a ‘liar’.

Not me, Tata was ousted by CP(I)M. After this comment from the Chief Minister, state politics has been heated since yesterday. The chief minister’s speech, which had been burning in the Singur movement for a long time, has started to burn again. After Mamata’s speech, all the opposition political parties have been vocal. Trinamool Supremo made the same comment again on Thursday despite the opposition of the opposition parties.

Mamata’s statement about Singu today, “I went to say something. Some people are saying these days why Tata will give jobs to the children of Bengal in skill training. BJP-CPM is trying to distort my comments. He claimed that the Chief Minister said that the Trinamool never takes sides. In the words of the Chief Minister, “We have A to Z here, everyone who comes to the industry is welcome. We make no distinctions here. So if Tata gives jobs to boys and girls in skill training, they don’t know how many Tata companies there are? Go and visit Kharagpur. Go explore the IT sector.”

Mamata comments to the left, “You have taken away the farmers’ land by force. We don’t say that. Killed people immediately. Taapsee burnt the girl like Malik. Burned the farmers. The Tatras then advertised against us to vote for us during the elections. But we never said anything.

After that, the Chief Minister said, we said, there is land here, do it. We don’t mind. Get alternative land. We have repeatedly said that two-crop and three-crop land cannot be taken by force. Then that movement of ours has become law across India today. Even today, if we do something in Bengal, we ask first, don’t we have to acquire land? I say if you are allowed to do it in exchange for money then do it otherwise don’t do it.

Regarding Singur, Mamata Banerjee said from the meeting in Siliguri, ‘I did not chase Tata, CPM chased him. They took the land by force. I returned that land. Suddenly after 14 years with such words, a section of the political circles raised questions.

He also said, we have never taken anyone else’s land. We do not discriminate between industrialists. We want all industrialists to invest here and create employment. We are trying to build an airport in Hasimara. Besides Bagdogra, 3-4 more airports will be built. I want full employment. No one wants it, so they try to prevent employment. We do not eat anyone’s job, we will not eat any job”.

Singur Trinamool MLA Rabindranath Bhattacharya alias Master Mashai was seen harmonizing with the opposition on Thursday. Countering Mamata Banerjee, Mastermashai said, ‘I don’t believe that Tata left only for the CPM. The Tatars left the state due to the dharna of all of us including Mamata Banerjee in the Singur movement. The opposition parties attacked the chief minister saying that he is lying. This time supporting their demand, Rabindranath Bhattacharya, one of the leaders of the Singur movement, said on Thursday morning, “Tatars have left Singur for Mamata Dharna”. Despite the opposition of the opposition parties and the MLA himself, the Chief Minister attacked the Left and Tata in a joint attack today.


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