Mammootty… Are You Taking 2022?: After the release of the poster of Jio Baby’s new film Kathal, the film world is once again revolving around Mammootty. The poster of Mammootty and Jyothika in the lead roles was released on Tuesday.

Many shared Kathleen’s poster, praising Mammootty’s undying passion for cinema and acting and his decision to stick with different experiments.

Even at the age of 71, Mammootty is still shaking the film world, fans, and social media with a single poster. Many people point out that the reason for this is Mammootty’s habit of always being updated along with their passion and dedication to cinema.

Every time the poster of a movie comes out, the actor who makes people wonder what this man is, was repeats comments on Kathleen’s poster.

Mammootty’s films like Pushu, Roshaak, Bhishma Parva, CBI: The Brain, and the upcoming Nankaal Neret Maiyakam are all praising Mammootty this year.

All these films were not only different from each other in theme but also talked about many topics that are the most discussed in today’s time. These were also films that experimented with making and treatment.

The core can also be seen in its continuity. Because Kathal is preparing Jio Baby who has given a new cinematic experience through films like The Great Indian Kitchen, Old Age Home, and Sreedhanya Caterings.

The Mammootty films of 2022 have achieved some milestones in their achievements as well. Directed by Amal Neerad, Mammootty’s Bheeshma Parvam as Michael Lippa has topped the 2022 theater collection.

Showing the cruelest face of casteism and casteism, Rathina PT’s Push is the most critically acclaimed Malayalam film of the year.

The Brain in the CBI series is the first Malayalam film to have the fifth part. K. Madhu and SN Swamy’s Sethuramayer brought back the CBI but the film did not win the audience’s appreciation but collected well in the theatres.

Nizam Basheer’s Roshak, which has been doing well in the theatres, was a film with a different story and treatment.

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Nanpakal Neret Mayakkum has been selected for the competition section of the Kerala International Film Festival. The fans who were excited to see Mammootty in the LJP film from the very beginning had taken the posters and teaser of the film.

Mammootty’s production company Mammootty also has the distinction of producing Roshak and Naamyaam and Kathal.

Social media is of the opinion that the films Mammootty has chosen to act in and produce in 2022 are the best tributes an actor can give to the cinema that Mammootty grew up watching today.


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