CM Mamta said- I will remain like Royal Bengal Tiger, leave TMC and compare those going to BJP with Mir Jaffer

Mamata Sukanta In Jangalmahal: ‘I Am Your Man’, Mamata In Yard, Sukanta In Building: Mamata Sukanta in Jangalmahal: CM spoke to tribal families. Sukant Majumdar sat and talked.

Mamata-Sukantara in PR

Jhargram: When the vote comes, they come in cars or helicopters, giving various assurances. Once the vote is over, you can no longer see it. Most people have this idea about political leaders. However, one of the tools of all parties in Bengal politics is public relations. Political experts believe that the one who can convince the people that I am your people will go some way in the ballot box. On Birsa Munda’s birthday, none of the anti-ruling parties left the opportunity to connect with the tribals.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present at one end of Jangalmahal and BJP state president Sukant Majumdar was present at the other end. Some went to the courtyard and talked to the women, while others sat on the floor in the courtyard and played rice and dal. Talked, told stories, listened to lack.

Mamata did not board the helicopter

It seems that the residents of Muchidanga village did not even dream that the Chief Minister himself would appear in the backyard. Mamata went to Paschim Medinipur on the occasion of Birsa Munda’s birthday on Tuesday. After the meeting, he was supposed to go to Jhargram Rajbari by helicopter. But at the end of the meeting, Mamata said, not by helicopter, she will go by car. Car arrangements were made immediately.

The women expressed their pent-up anger on seeing Mamata in front of them

On the way to the car, Mamata suddenly fell down in the village of Muchibandh. He reached the backyard of the tribal family in the area. The women complain of lack when they find him in front of them. They said that their house was not built. When you go to the panchayat, help is far from it, no one wants to talk. After hearing this, Mamata made it clear that she does not know what the local leaders are saying, but she says that the house will be built by 2024.

When he went to another place, the tribals told the chief minister about the water problem. They complained that they were kicked out when they went to the panchayat. Mamata assured me to solve that problem too. He talked to the women for quite some time. He took a child from his mother’s lap and caressed it.

The chief minister sold the chops after frying them, draining the oil, and wrapping them in paper

Mamata has said many times about making an income by frying chops. Opposition leaders were also seen selling symbolic chops mocking the chief minister’s advice. However, ignoring all those criticisms, Mamata took the chop herself. The Chief Minister shook hands with a chop seller at a tea-chop shop in West Medinipur.

To see Mamata, the people of the area thronged in front of the shop. He fried the chop by hand, strained the oil, wrapped it in the paper, and gave it to the people. The Trinamool leader also inquired whether everyone got it or not. He opened the chocolate boxes in the shop and gave chocolates to the children.

Srikanth plays rice and dal on the shalpata

On this day, Sukant Majumdar joined the Jhargram meeting. The BJP state president had lunch at a tribal house in the Thakurthan village of Manikpara area of ​​Jhargram block. It was organized at the house of Shatrughan Mudi, a resident of Thakurthan village. Rice, pulses, and fish is served in Shalpata.

After eating, Sukant talks to the people of the area. Chatted for a while. Listen to their problems. After that, he went to the house of BJP Central Vice President Dilip Ghosh in Jhargram. His mother brought fruit sweets.

This type of public relations is not new, however. Amit Shah and JP Nadda were seen eating and drinking in common people’s houses during the Ekush elections. Not only that, recently Dilip Ghosh has started ‘Chaye Pe Charcha’ in tea shops in different areas. And several programs have been taken by Trinamool for this public relations. The ruling party is trying to reach closer to the ground, especially as the panchayat polls approach. A program called ‘Chalo Graeme Jai’ has also been started recently. But who is able to create trust as a really close person, the proof of that will be found in the ballot box.


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