Lalu Yadav's party may enter electoral fray with Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, RJD leader is having political meeting

Mamata Banerjee: Where Is The Deficiency? Why Did Mamata Have To Form A Coordination Committee In Nadia? What Is The Anti-Ruler Saying?: Mamata Banerjee: Allegations of Trinamool factionalism have been in the news time and again in the recent past. The opposition has repeatedly alleged that separate groups of followers of different leaders have sprung up.

Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee warned grassroots party workers on the issue of factionalism at a meeting in Krishnanagar on Wednesday. He said, “Those who are MLAs, do not quarrel among yourselves. If anyone else does, I will not give him a place in the party.” Trinamool’s only MP in Nadia, Mahua Maitra, has formed a coordination committee with all party MLAs of the district, Zilla Parishad president. “This is the Trinamool Congress family, it cannot be broken,” he said. But why the need to form this coordination committee? Allegations of Trinamool factionalism have been in the news repeatedly in the recent past. The opposition has repeatedly alleged that separate groups of followers of different leaders have sprung up.

What did the Chief Minister say?

From the meeting in Krishnanagar, the Chief Minister said, “Those of us who are in panchayats, blocks, Zilla parishads… who is bigger? Am I human? Without people I am empty. I bow down to the Trinamool symbol every day. Those who have ego, stay at home. No need to work. You don’t need to know who is connected with Calcutta. We will find him in the field. Today I am creating a coordination committee. I formed this coordination committee with Mahua-Ujjbal-Nanda and all the MLAs and Zilla Parishad chairpersons. You will sit and work together. When you go to the block, call everyone. No need to watch it, this is my group, that’s my group. It is the Trinamool Congress family. It cannot be broken.”

Where is the lump? Opponents are pointing fingers in their eyes

Mahadev Sarkar, president of BJP’s Rajya Kishan Morcha, says, “This party is corrupt and corrupt. Palashipara MLA has been arrested on corruption charges in Nadia district. Clan conflicts in this district are at every level. From the booth, from the congregation to everywhere. A few days ago, Bimalendu Singh came down on Roy. He is a man of honest, clean image. National award-winning teacher. He is a victim of clan conflict. He has been defamed.” It should be noted that a few days ago, Bimalendu Singh Roy was appointed as the Chairman of Nadia District Primary Education Council. He is Trinamool MLA from Karimpur. Current MP Mahua Maitra was the MLA of this area in the past. There are whispers in the inner circle of district politics, and the relationship between Bimalendu and Mahua is quite warm. Not only that, there have been allegations of factionalism within the party several times in the past.

The BJP leader also said, “Whatever committee Mamata Banerjee makes, she cannot join it. From Palashipara to Haringhata, Trinamool factionalism has reached such a level that Mamata Banerjee cannot make up for it. Mamata Banerjee’s antibiotics will not work.”

The goal is organizational growth, Trinamool demands

However, Trinamool MLA Kallol Khan of Nakashipara, Nadia says, “This committee has been formed to monitor and improve the organizational structure of Nadia district. This committee has been formed to strengthen our organization in Tristar Panchayat.” He said that this decision is for the proper conduct of panchayat elections. The MLA claimed that this committee was formed for the benefit of the party.

In the past too, Mamata had given a strong message to resolve the communal conflict

In an administrative meeting in the past, MP Mahua Maitra was given a stern warning by the Chief Minister. Naming the MPs, he said, “Mahua, I am giving a clear message. I don’t need to see who is for whom, who is against whom. This politics can last for a day, not forever. Everyone has to work together.” The chief minister also said that there should be no differences in the party. But still, the problem has not been resolved, according to local sources. Perhaps that is why this committee was formed by a group of political analysts.


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