CBI files case against two companies for defrauding banks, raids at eight places

Malla Reddy Press Meet: IT Raids Are The History Of Telangana, They Are Doing Mental Torture:  Wow… Minister Malla Reddy said these IT attacks are a history in Telangana. Even though I paid for two IT attacks, why rush for the third time? He expressed his anger. Speaking to the media, he was furious with the IT authorities. Donations were not taken in medical seats, he said. They accused us of attacking us with central forces. He made it clear that I can’t take anything from the laptops. He said that KCR should have told me in advance. He said that nothing can be done not only by us but also by KCR. He said that there is no fear of BJP conspiracies. There are MLAs, and Ministers in BJP which have 19 states, and they were fired saying why they did not ride there. Minister Mallareddy came under fire saying that if he was in BJP, there would be no raids. The minister raised both hands and bowed in front of the media saying that if he was in a party other than the BJP party, this is what he would do every day. He said that they are doing mental torture. From now on, they will harass you to come for an investigation. Irregularities are said in the additions of medical seats.

If anything, God will take care of it. Mallareddy said that KCR will take care of you. Mallareddy made it clear that no matter what happens, as long as our KCR is there, I will be with him immediately. He said that if there are 6 lakhs, they are all lost. The gold is in my wife’s name and it has been misplaced. They came up with a big plan. Mallareddy told the media that he came up with a plan of at least 100 crores. We will have 1000 children but where will hundreds of crores come from? He said that the money received will be deposited online throughout the day. It will be spent online. It was hailed as a big company, not a small one. He asked why I stay in this house if I have all the coats. He said that high drama was also done at the colleges yesterday. I was angry that my son and daughter-in-law did not leave me even though I was told that they were in the hospital. They accused my son of forcing him to sign.

I am not saying that I have not found money.. Money has been found in all those who have how many crores, said the minister. 28 lakhs were found from the three of us. Mallar Reddy said that Mahender Reddy’s health is not bad. He said that I told him not to take a rest. He said that the house of the clerk was also searched and brought back to the office. Minister Mallareddy said that the IT officials have come looking for names and addresses that we do not know. Mallareddy gave a hearty laugh to his media friends saying that he was dusted off in a moment. They said that I folded the cell phone in a sack and threw it behind. He said that I am not a minister. Raid is nothing new to me. They said that the raid was happening for the third time. Mallareddy said that raid is also a hat trick raid.


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