Malaika Arora, who is a celebrated celeb of Bollywood and who has made everyone fit for her fitness, has beaten Corona some time back. The actress has gone through a difficult phase and she has recovered and knocked on the stage of India’s Best Dancer again. Malaika Arora has always shared her fitness secrets with fans. After Corona’s grip, not only did the actress feel more weekish, hair fall also became much more frequent. In view of this, Malaika has told in the latest video how to avoid frequent hair fall.

Malaika explained in the video under #malaikastrickortip how she uses which recipe to stop her hair fall. And of course this is a very simple method. Malaika told that if onion juice is made and applied to her hair, then the problem of falling hair can be found. Malaika is seen doing it herself in the video as well. The actress takes an onion, makes her juice. After that she uses a cotton piece to gently apply the roots of the hair.

Hair will not fall from onion

The actress said that she is currently taking vitamins supplements and medicine as per the doctor’s guidance, but this is a recipe that she has been following for many years and she is sure that if it is applied for some time, it will Does definitely benefit. Let me tell you that Malaika was found corona positive some time ago. After this, he made himself a home quarantine. Let us know that now the actress is completely healthy and she has also started going back to the set of India’s Best Dancer. Malaika was also well received on the set.



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