Make passport size photo at home from smartphone, know easy tricks

Due to the Corona epidemic, people are avoiding getting out these days. Most of the work is being done from the phone and laptop itself. From shopping to transferring money, all the important work is being done online. In such a situation, if you are in need of passport size photo while filling a bank or any form, and you do not want to go to the studio outside and get a photo, then there is no need to worry. Today we are telling you about making passport size photos from a smartphone. You can prepare good passport size photos from your mobile at home. There are many applications of Android smartphone photo editing, by which you can make passport size photos for free. Apart from this, you can also make a photo by downloading the passport size photo editor app. Let’s know

How to make passport size photo from Android phone

You can make passport size photos of good quality with your Android phone. For this, you can download and install the passport size photo editor from the Play Store and you can prepare any size photo.

1- Download the passport size photo editor from the play store. Now open the app.
2- Here you will get 2 options in which you can select the photo from the gallery and can also click the new photo from the camera through the app.
3- After selecting the photo, you have to adjust it. For this, you can also choose the option of Auto Adjust below. This will automatically adjust your photo.
4- Now you will see the option of Done above, click on it.
After clicking on Done, you have to select the size of the passport photo.
6- If you do not know the size, then select your country’s name here and click on the Indian passport in the list below.
7- Now you have to set the photo and click on Crop option above.
8- Now you have a passport size photo. If you want, you can select the option of print multiple copies given below. Here you can select the number of photos.
9- Now click on the Save option given above. You should save it as a PNG file only.
10- Now for any important work, you can select these passport size photos.

Passport Size Photo Editor
If you wish, you can download this photo editor application to make free passport size photo in your phone. Using this you can make a good passport size photo.

1- There are many options in this app, you can set the color lighting and background color according to your needs.
2- To create a passport size photo, you can also capture new photos in it and edit by selecting photos from the gallery. Can do
3- If you want, you can prepare photos of different sizes like Visa Card, PAN Card, Id Card, Water Card.
4- In this app you can edit photos in more than 15 languages.
5- You do not have to pay any charge to download this app.


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