TV actress Mahi Vij wants to increase her family, but her husband Jai Bhanushali is not ready for this. In such a situation, Mahi has appealed to the fans with the help of her Instagram stories to convince Jai that Mahi wants baby. Mahi is also doing this strange request to the fans because she is bored in lockdown. Please tell that Mahi and Jai also have one year old daughter Tara.

Mahi wrote in her Instagram story that friends, please go to Jai’s account and write in the comment section that I want another child. They are refusing The lockdown is going on and I am getting very bored. My daughter Tara is grown up and no longer listens to me. Significantly, Tara was born in Jai and Mahi’s house in the month of August last year. Apart from this, they also take care of children named Khushi and Rajveer and also take care of the education and upbringing of these children.

I became very emotional after becoming a mother: Mahi

Talking about Tara, Mahi said that I think about her very much. How should things be in his room, his room temperature, his milk. I take care of all these things but even today I cannot see her in trouble during the shots given by the doctor. I have become very emotional as a mother and cry even when the emotional scenes in films come.


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