Mahesh Bhatt Gets Trolled On Twitter After Sharing Definition Of Depicting Society
Mahesh Bhatt Gets Trolled On Twitter After Sharing Definition Of Depicting Society

Since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, some Bollywood people have been targeted by social media users. The film industry is being accused of nepotism. People are constantly trolling certain celebrities, one of them is Mahesh Bhatt. Recently, Mahesh Bhatt made a tweet that once again people’s anger erupted on him.

In fact, film director Mahesh Bhatt shared a statement by US diplomat Adlai Ewing Stevenson explaining the definition of Azad society. In it, he wrote, ‘My definition of Azad society is a society where it is safe not to be famous.’

Many social media users did not like this definition of Mahesh Bhatt and started trolling the director. One user responded to Mahesh Bhatt and wrote, ‘My definition of independent cinema is, an industry in which it is safe to be outside and the name of a’ father associated with cinema ‘.

After this, another user targeted Mahesh Bhatt and wrote, “Yes you are fine, if Sushant were not popular then he would have been safe, but he was getting success and he was becoming famous and hence he died.” Another user wrote, ‘My definition of a free society is, a society where people like you are protected from demons, murders and rigging.’ Another user wrote, ‘We really feel insecure if this person in Bollywood lives. It is better to go to another planet. ‘

Remind that Kangana Ranaut had recently targeted the Bhatt camp on this matter, asking what Mahesh Bhatt was doing between Sushant and Riya’s relationship. In a tweet by Kangana’s team, he alleged that Mahesh Bhatt not only called Kangana insane but also humiliated


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