The new Mahabharata of the characters of the serial ‘Mahabharata’, which started on the set of Sony TV’s famous comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, has now ended. The most important thing is that Nitish Bhardwaj (Krishna) and Feroz Khan (Arjun) have played an important role in the new Mahabharata this time too and Feroz Khan himself has told this to Aaj Tak.

Dispute between Gajendra Chauhan and Mukesh Khanna

While talking to Aaj Tak, Feroz Khan said that he got a call from Nitish Bhardwaj. He told that now all the grievances between Gajendra Chauhan and Mukesh Khanna have been removed. Feroz Khan says- I am glad that there is no misunderstanding between our Yudhishthira ji and Bhishma Pitamah Ji. Let me be honest that I too was saddened by the dispute between these two. Because we are all members of the ‘Mahabharata’ serial family and if anything goes wrong in this family, then we feel bad about it too.

Sony TV survey matter wrong

Regarding the survey of top 5 hit characters of Sony TV, Feroz Khan said- As far as I know, no such survey was done by Sony TV, on the basis of which only five of us were called in the show. According to my information, Mukesh Khanna and Pankaj Dheer were also named for Kapil’s show, Mukesh Khanna refused to come, but due to Pankaj Dheer’s health, he could not be a part of the show or he could also be a part of Kapil’s show. Must have come on the show

Mohammed Rafi is alive in Feroz Khan’s voice

Feroze Khan said that there is no doubt that Kapil Sharma’s show is a tremendous show which people all over the world watch and like. Singing with him on his stage was really fun for me, I liked it best when I saw him singing Kapil’s mother and his entire team conferred him with the title of Rafi Sahab. He felt like it is not my voice but Rafi Saheb, what could be more honorable for me.



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