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Judge articulates that since KC couldn’t deliver strong proof against Malini, court drops this case. Imlie cries subsequent to losing case. Anu thanks legal counselor Desai for winning the case. Imlie irately pulls Malini and asks where is the video. Tripathis stop her. Anu cautions them to control their worker. Dulari faults KC for erasing video. KC inquires as to for what reason would he as he likewise lost the case. Imlie asks where is the video then, at that point.

Adi says he did and says he can’t rebuff Malini for Anu’s misstep and goes into flashback where Malini calls him and solicitations to meet her once to know reality. He arrives at C house where Anu says she medicated his family and Malini. Malini acts and cries. Anu proceeds with that as he didn’t have a clue what happened that evening, even Malini didn’t have the foggiest idea what occurred as she had medicated
Malini and told its her wedding trip, so she is at botch and not Malini. Out of flashback, Adi says he can’t get Malini rebuffed. Imlie yells he is a writer and indiscriminately confided in Anu even subsequent to watching proof. She keeps venting out her annoyance on Adi and says he double-crossed her and demands him to get Malini rebuffed now. Adi requests to fail to remember it. Imlie says in the event that she ought to fail to remember that her significant other was abused and he is supporting them. Adi says Anu committed an error and if she goes to prison, he can’t let Malini rebuffed. Imlie inquires as to why he is supporting Malini.

Malini uncovers she is pregnant with Aditya’s youngster, she came to realize a few seconds ago after she got oblivious and specialist educated she is pregnant. Imlie breaks hearing that. Aparna inquires as to whether he is turning into a dad. Pankaj says whoever committed an error, his family will confront outcomes.

Malini says its not Adi’s error. Pankaj says she told its her mom’s error. Nishant faults Adi that he fouled up with Imlie. Anu tells Aparna and Pankaj that she didn’t have a clue about this would occur and demands to acknowledge Malini and her kid as god’s desire. Adi leaves. Malini goes about as crying overwhelmingly.

Dev holds up close to his vehicle thinks don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on inside, his little girl will lose. Anu strolls in grinning and illuminates that Malini will remain with Adi. Dev hollers what’s going on with her, she spoilt a little young lady’s family and is exceptionally glad. Anu says she is glad that his ill-conceived youngster looked for her deeds. They get into vehicle. Reviewer gets them out and educates Anu that she is captured. Anu asks what is her misstep. KC says for the slip-up which she acknowledged in court. Anu requests that Dev call advocate Desai. Dev denies and says she ought to go to prison. Police drag her away. Pankaj feels dismal seeing Imlie. Aparna asks him not to blow up when they are getting a grandkid.

Pankaj says he is irate on her for not supporting Imlie, supporting Malini and Anu’s missteps, Adi erasing video, and so forth; however Adi and Imlie’s marriage occurred in troublesome condition, yet she accomplished such a great deal for their family, she is crying now and Aparna isn’t feel sorry for on her, he is with Imlie, and so on Nishant and Rupali attempt to reassure Imlie next. Imlie cries that Adi double-crossed her and is turning into Malini’s youngster’s dad, he didn’t confide in me and believed Malini rather Rupali says she previously advised her to battle for her right and even presently she ought to as Adi loves her and she is his better half. Nishant backs her. Adi strolls in, and they leave.

Adi asks Imlie not to give on their relationship and love. She says their relationship broke. He says it can as he is her better half. She asks when he can’t confide in and battle for her, how might he be her better half. He says he is off-base, yet he is her significant other; he ought to comprehend that he can’t send Malini to imprison in this condition when Anu acknowledged her slip-up. Imlie says Malini more than once revealed to her she will grab Adi from her, yet she didn’t really accept that Imlie as she was certain of her adoration. Adi says he can’t deny Malini’s kid and is simply sitting tight for Imlie’s choice.

Imlie gets back and sees Malini and Adi’s photographs all around Adi’s room. Malini says child can perceive what mother sees, so it should see daddy’s face. She requests that she quit crying and spread pessimism, fail to remember everything and think about her and Adi’s kid, requests that she fix her and Adi’s wedding pic on divider. Imlie fixes photograph. Malini requests that she fix it appropriately. Imlie says she heard a lady changes totally when she turns into a mother and thought even Malini changed for the wellbeing of her youngster, yet she hasn’t; she will petition God for Malini kid.

Dev visits Tripathis and says his both girl battle with one another and trusts things get right. Mithi gets some information about his girl, how might she stay in this house. Adi says like his significant other and Imlie will choose if Malini will remain in this house or not. Aparna asks how might he send Malini away in this condition. Adi says assuming Imlie needs, Malini ought to go to her home, he will deal with Malini. Imlie advises Dulari all the occurrences occurred. Dulari says Malini’s ill-conceived kid will confront society’s fierceness. Imlie recalls Dulari embarrassing Mithi and her. Dulari requests that she advise family that she needs Malini to go from this house. She takes Imlie to lounge and tells everybody that Imlie took her choice. Imlie says Malini will remain here. Dulari inquires as to why she altered her perspective. Imlie says she contemplated her and Malini,

yet not her kid who will develop without a dad’s name like her, and so forth Dev upholds Imlie and embarrasses Malini that she forgot spirits and didn’t say thanks to Imlie. Malini says she was going to and expresses gratitude toward Imlie; thinks Imlie made T house as her long-lasting location, she won’t stay silent until Imlie is out of house. Imlie figures she will uncover how low Malini can stoop. Next morning, Adi strolls to Imlie’s room and inquires as to whether she is doing schoolwork. Imlie overlooks him. He requests to address her or if nothing else show what she composed. She says she can’t as she erased what she needed and may consume even this paper. Work business agency individuals stroll in and says they came to check in the event that they have utilized underaged workers. Pankaj requests that Sundar get is ID. They ask Imlie’s ID. Pankaj says Imlie is his bahu. They say neighbors told he has 2 workers. Imlie goes in to get her ID. They hijack her and remove her. Imlie awakens and winds up in a thug’s sanctum.

Precap: Rupali and Nishant educates Adi that phony work business department individuals had come. Adi says Imlie is captured.


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