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Lunar Eclipse 2022: Year-End Lunar Eclipse Will Increase Problems For India-Pakistan! How Will The Fate Of Kejriwal And Amit Shah?: Chandra Grahan in India: The last lunar eclipse of the year will be on November 8. This adoption is going to affect many countries including India, and Pakistan. Some states of India will be particularly affected by the lunar eclipse. Let’s know how this lunar eclipse is going to affect the country and the world.

A lunar eclipse is going to happen in Aries on Tuesday, November 8. This lunar eclipse will be the last lunar eclipse of the year. This lunar eclipse will be visible for some time in India during the evening moonrise. According to Indian time, this eclipse will start (Sparsh) at 2:39 PM and will end (Moksha) at 6:19 PM. But in India, this eclipse will be seen after 5:12 minutes.

America, Australia, Bangkok, South Korea, Japan, and China will be more affected by this eclipse. According to Brihat Samhita, this eclipse in Aries will afflict people living in Panchal (present-day Punjab), Kalinga (Odisha), Shurasena (i.e. Mathura and western Uttar Pradesh), Kamboja and Kirat (a tribal region in the south) of India. According to Brihat Samhita, this reception of fire elements in Aries will give more trouble to those living with arms (eg police, army, criminals) and fiery persons ie goldsmiths, blacksmiths, hotels, and furnaces-related work.

Inflation and earthquakes

The Kartik Purnima lunar eclipse will occur in Aries on November 8, which will increase the prices of woolen cloth, lentils, wheat, resin, and herbs grown in waterless areas. Fruits and gold prices will rise especially after adoption.

An eclipse in Aries has the effect of a major economic downturn in England and there is also a risk of an earthquake in Japan. There are fears of earthquakes and loss of life in northeast India, Japan, and the Hindu-Kush mountain region (Pakistan) after the eclipse. At the time of the eclipse, Ketu-Mercury-Sun-Venus Chaturgraha Yoga is forming in the air signs Gemini, Mars, and Libra, indicating the coming of earthquakes and sea storms.

Effect of the lunar eclipse on India

Heavy rains are likely over the southeast and southern states of India. Odisha and Tamil Nadu are particularly likely to be affected due to rains. The eclipse will also bring unusual rainfall and snowfall in the United States. The record will be cold. India is also likely to experience winter soon due to the effects of the lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse will affect big personalities

This lunar eclipse is in Bharani Nakshatra of Aries which according to Brihat Samhita represents violent and cruel people. In such a situation, the violence of the war between Ukraine and Russia may intensify, which may create an atmosphere of unrest in Europe. There is also a strong fear of political violence in Pakistan’s Kundali.

India’s troubles will increase in the next three months

This lunar eclipse will cause political tramadol for Pakistan and economic problems for China. 8 days after the lunar eclipse, Mars will retrograde from Gemini to Taurus creating a major national crisis yoga for India in the next 3 months.

A lunar eclipse is not good for Kejriwal and Amit Shah either

Under the influence of the solar eclipse, there will be a major reshuffle in the central cabinet in India in the next three months, revealing political intrigues. Some tragic events may also happen. This acceptance will not bode well for Kejriwal and Amit Shah, say, experts.


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