Love & Murder Mysterytaggedele Movie Review: Taggedele Movie Review: Taggede Le is a suspense thriller produced by Srinivas Raju of Dandu Palayam fame under the banner of Bhadra Productions with young hero Naveen Chandra in the lead. With the first look and trailer of this film, the interest in the film has increased further. Let’s see if the film is released on November 4, and what kind of entertainment has it given to the audience.

the story

This movie goes with three stories murder mystery, drugs, and love. Ishwar (Naveen Chandra) is a software employee. He marries his elder daughter Devi (Divya Pillai). After that, he calls all his friends to his house and throws a party. Ishwar is shocked to see Lizzy (Ananya Sen Gupta) at the party. After that, Lizzy, who introduces herself as Ishwar’s friend, stays at Ishwar’s house… and starts blackmailing Ishwar? Where are the videos of Ishwar and Lizi writing? What is the story of their acquaintance? Who is the dead body of the woman found in Ishwar’s house? Police officers Chalapathy (Ravi Shankar) and Raja Ravindra arrest the girl for questioning who killed her?, suspecting that Ishwar killed the girl because she is related to the Dandupalayam batch. What are the truths learned by this interrogation Ishwar? How did he get out of the murder? What is the relationship between Ishwar’s life, the Dandupalayam gang, and the drug mafia? What did police officer Chalapathy (Ravi Shankar) do to the Dandupalayam gang and drug mafia? If you want to know that, you have to watch the movie.

Rating : 0 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: divya pillai, ananya sengupta, naga babu, danny kattappa, ravi kaley, makarand deshpandey,
  • DIRECTOR: Srinivasa Raju
  • MUSIC: charan Arjun
  • PRODUCER: Premkumar Pandey, Pv Subbarao Reddy

The performance of the actors

Naveen Chandra played the role of a software employee. Divya Pillai played the role of a traditional wife as Naveen Chandra’s wife. Ananya Sen Gupta was seen as a glamor doll as Naveen Chandra’s lover. Naveen Chandra is impressive in the role of emotion torn between wife and lover. Most of the film revolves around Naveen Chandra. Ravi Shankar as a police officer in the role of Chalapati also did full justice to the role given to him. Raja Ravindra as a policeman. Makarand Deshpande, Pooja Gandhi, and Ravi Kale as members of the ‘Dandupalayam’ gang impressed the audience once again. ‘Getup’ Seenu and ‘Auto’ Ram Prasad as hero friends entertained the audience with their comedy. He acted very well. All those who worked on this movie were impressed with their performance

Technicians performance
Although this story is not new, it is a little different by selecting interesting points like a murder mystery, drugs, and love, with twists & turns. It can be said that director Srinivas Raju has succeeded in bringing it to the screen. The background music is nice. Charan Arjun’s remix of Ilayaraja – Bharathiraja’s ‘Mate Mantramu’ song, the way it was shot is good. The visuals by cinematographer Venkat Prasad are good. Gary B. H’s editing performance is good. Venkat Aarey fights are good. Bhadra Productions Banner Prem Kumar Pandey, P. V. Subbarao Reddy has produced this film without sparing any expense… It can be said that ‘Dandu Palayam’ is definitely entertaining for everyone who likes movies like murder mysteries and love.



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