Rekha's tongue slipped on the question of married man falling madly in love

Love Failure And Separation: Love Deniers Can Accept: Love failure and separation can occur naturally anywhere in the world. will But if there is hatred in its name, it will lead to death. Moving towards suicide is not common in other states.

Each person is ultimately a separate identity. Pranayam is that Raan and Piryan forget that they have freedom. It leads to disaster. Living in one’s own personality and existence is a self-reliant style. Reluctance to love by keeping in mind the principle of relying on him. Accept people, resolve disagreements, and help each other. Nyamai Pariyan also prepares for the end of love woes. Just have to.

Parashala Muryankara J.P. on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Jayaraj and Priya’s son JP in the house. Sharon Raj (23), a student, was poisoned by his girlfriend Greeshma. (23) When it is clear that the planned killing was carried out in the whole country Stuck.

Sharon was called to her house and was first given a poisoned potion and later Greeshma, who was given juice to change her taste, was an innocent affair till the end. Najam was acting. Believing in love without expressing doubt even in the face of death Sharon was surrendering. Even as the Magistrate recorded the obituary, one about Sharon Grisham. No doubt. Greeshma got married to someone else and her married life is in trouble. The potion that kept Sharon at home without us is called Capic. It is said that they were killed by adding pesticides. The mind comes from research.
Greeshma says that the first person who gets married to withdraw from love will die. It was said. Sharon didn’t believe it. “He killed Greeshma secretly 6 months ago saying, ‘Let him die if he dies. He was driving. Unwilling to leave and despite repeated requests, his own Called V because of the apathy in not returning the visions. Greeshma later gave a statement to the police that she had given Sham.
Death in the whole kingdom due to love failure and love betrayal The numbers are increasing. A week ago, when there was a love affair in Panur, the older lover himself Pattappakal went to his girlfriend’s house with improvised weapons. They were strangled to death in the taproom. Valli Nadammal near Umamaheshwari temple is a sight to behold. His and Bindu’s daughter Vishnupriya (23) is a native of Koothparam Manantheri. M. in Zhekalat. Shyamjit (23) was killed. The police are clear that the reason for the murder is the grudge of rejected love. taking

Pence, a fellow student at Pala St. Thomas College last year Hrit was hacked on campus. The girl, who was in her thirties for two years, later started to lose weight. It seems that he was killed. Last year, she was a house surgeon at Dental College in Kothamangalam. Nasa was shot dead by her boyfriend because of a love affair. He went to Bihar, bought a gun, shot it, and committed that brutality. Th. In Kerala, the trend of taking life instead of love disappointment is increasing Rejecting love means killing the rejecter. This thinking is an expression of a defective personality. This recurring tendency should be seen as part of severe mental illness. Study carefully its causes and remedies. It is the need of the hour that
Love proposals and murder happen in the blink of an eye. no, All these people have been in love for a while. Love will be enjoyed in the first stage. Will increase with fate. Later on, I feel like I’m a person who can’t get along with me. Girls always retreat when they meet someone. This neglect will find its way to grudges. If I don’t have it, it leads to death. Many people plan the murders after months of preparation. Bhu is the awareness that if you commit a crime, you will be caught and punished. The opposition also keeps people away from wrongdoing. Adolescence about virtues and consequences of wrongdoing Older people generally have less understanding. Then the attitude of hatred will destroy the rethinking. The lives of both of them are gone.
To kill our children like this and make them murderers. In order not to die, everyone should have a plan of thinking. Lessons on what healthy relationships should look like Yali still needs to learn. It can be imparted through formal and non-formal education. the particle Our education emphasizes individuality rather than academic excellence. and personality and human-cultural aspects in children. Failing to find.

The fundamental goal of education is pragmatic in nature. temperance, forbearance, forbearance, liveliness, tenderness, mercy, kindness, and equanimity Parents and teachers to inculcate love, brotherhood, and humanity. Karum and general society should pay attention. If these qualities are acquired, then they are responsible for society and life. Cultivate conscious attitudes. (The author is a trainer and mentor. 9847034600)


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