Usually, if someone’s wallet is lost, then there is very little chance of getting it. Yes, it also happens that someone can take that wallet to your house but not after a year or two, if you get the lost wallet back after 53 years? This is what happened to a meteorologist in America. Paul Grisham is now 91 years old. His wallet was lost while in Antarctica.

Paul Grisham did not even remember that he had ever lost a purse. Actually, Grisham was working as a meteorologist in Antarctica from October 1967 to November 1968.

Here his purse was hidden behind a locker. In this purse, he had a Navy ID card, driving license, reference card and ration card for beer.

The station in which Grisham was stationed was demolished in 2014 and his wallet was found at that time.

Grisham was surprised when he got his wallet back. He said that so many people got him his wallet back. Because many people really worked hard to return Grisham’s wallet.

The Chief of the Researcher Group of Antarctica contacted a former employee. He then contacted a foundation of ex-servicemen and was then approached by the Naval Weather Service Association, a member of which was also Grisham.

Finally on Saturday, his wallet arrived in perfect condition at Grisham’s home in San Carlos, Northern California.


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