Losing Four Out Of Five Matches, There Is No Future For This East Bengal: East Bengal had two golden chances to score before the break. There is no one in front except the goalkeeper. But first VP Suher and later Clayton Silva hit the ball out from almost the same spot. All matches in ISL are fifty-fifty. In such a match, East Bengal had to pay the loss of losing two golden opportunities in a row. The team whose defense and goalkeeper fought all the time lost the match after conceding a momentary mistake. East Bengal has only three points in five matches. Steven Constantine’s team played twenty-five percent of the matches in the twenty-match tournament. If morning dictates the day, then this team has no future. Last year they got the eleventh place in the eleven-team game. Maybe there will be a little improvement from there. But nothing good is likely. And Chennaiyin? He came to Kolkata and lost to the two leaders in two consecutive matches. After Mohun Bagan, it is East Bengal. Chennai is enough to tell you where football in Kolkata is going. Another black day for Bengal football at the Salt Lake Stadium on Friday.

The next match after the derby is always very difficult. Whether he wins or loses. But this was the time when ninety percent of Bengali footballers played in the derby. But now Bengali footballers in two big teams have to be found with a microscope. Again, the boy who was playing well on this day, Sarthak Golui saw two yellow cards in a row and went out after seeing a red card at the time of 74 minutes. East Bengal scored five minutes before that. After Sarthak exits, the chances of Red Yellow coming back are further reduced. Even from the beginning of the match, Chennai had more power. The red and yellow’s two foreign midfielders, Charles Kyriakou and Jordan Doherty could not play as much as they did the other day. If the middle is weak, the opponent’s attack is bound to be more. Chennai took that opportunity well. But the Red Yellow defense and goalkeeper handled the Chennai storm well. And in between, two golden chances came from a long through pass from the counterattack. Suher and Clayton blew those two chances like a boy in the bounds of a big man. Clayton’s forward partner Simboi How is just a passenger. How will the team win?

While East Bengal is a new team, Chennai is not. The team is a two-time champion. As the past is good, the present is not so bad. Team leader Anirudh Thapa is the bridge of attack and defense of the entire team. Aniruddha was a regular player in the national team when Steven was the coach of India. still, so Such consistency is not found among Indian footballers lately. Even today, Aniruddha maintained his reputation. Picked up the man of the match award. Among his teammates up front, Sliskovic played well enough. Even though he did not get a goal, he beat the red and yellow defense all the time. However, Rahim Ali was not found that way. Himanshu Jhangra and Aniket Yadav of Red Yellow were dropped after the break. Another foreigner is Eleandro or Brazilian. If Kafu, who entered the city on this day, watches the match, Eleandro will be ashamed to know Brazil. Another Brazilian tried Clayton. Missed the goal. He has been an ISL player for the last four seasons. But still could not adapt to red and yellow.

In the end, East Bengal played the goal in the 69th minute. Hakamanesi headed Akash Sangwan’s corner kick to score. He got a second yellow card after scoring the goal. When he picked up the jersey and showed the writing on Genji, he saw a yellow card. But four minutes later Sarthak also saw a red card. No one could take advantage of the other. However, Chennai came up a lot in the league table by getting seven points in four matches. Now they are number five. And East Bengal again dropped to ten. East Bengal’s next match is against Bengaluru at their home ground. Again there is a signal of loss.


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