In Greater Noida, the havoc of miscreants is not coming to an end. Car riders robbed hostage of Sports Authority of India (Sai) general manager (GM) near the Heritage Roundabout. They blindfolded the victim and looted and looted the streets for about two and a half hours. The victim was badly beaten with a screwdriver and a hammer and escaped by throwing it on the 130 meter road when he did not reveal the ATM card PIN. The incident is on Monday morning. After the intervention of police officers, Sector Beta-2 Kotwali police has filed a case.

Dharampal Sharma lives with the family in Sector Delta-1. He is the General Manager at Sports Authority of India. His family said that Dharampal Sharma had left home on Monday to go to his office in Delhi ITO. He was standing at 10 am waiting for the bus near the Heritage Roundabout. Meanwhile, a cab stopped near them. There were already three people in the cab. The cab driver gave him a lift to go to Delhi and made him sit. After walking some distance, the people in it took GM hostage and blindfolded.

The miscreants started looting the victim. Looted three and a half thousand rupees, mobile, watch and ATM card kept in the victim’s pocket. The miscreants asked the victim a PIN of the card. The robbers beat the victim with a screwdriver and a hammer after not providing the pin number. The robbers kept the victim hostage in the car for about two and a half hours and roamed the streets of the city. The robbers snatched his card and went to the ATM booth and took out 11 thousand rupees. After this, the crooks escaped by throwing the victim at 130 meters on the road at 12:30.

Suffered after the incident

Dharampal’s son told that his father is in awe since the incident. Fear of miscreants is not coming out of their minds. He is very much afraid. The police has not taken any action even after the incident. Due to the negligence of the police, their robbers are carrying out the crime. The family arrested the robbers in this case and demanded strict action against them.

“The victim’s tahrir has been sued by the Sector Beta-2 Kotwali police. The police is looking for the robbers. He will be arrested soon and the incident will be revealed. ” – Rajesh Kumar Singh , DCP, Greater Noida

Police of two police stations involved in border dispute

The victim GM complained about the case to the police. After this, the Beta-2 and Surajpur Kotwali police got involved in the border dispute. After the intervention of police officials, on Tuesday morning, the Beta-2 police station has started a search for the robbers by registering a case of robbery on the victim’s Tahrir.

CCTV footage is being searched by the police: Police has registered a case of robbery and has intensified the search for the robbers. Police are searching for footage of CCTV cameras installed around the scene. Apart from this, the police is also watching the footage of the ATMs from which the miscreants have withdrawn money.

More than 20 robbery incidents in two months : In the last two months in Greater Noida, car and bike robbers have carried out more than twenty incidents. Police has not yet been able to disclose most of these incidents.


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