Nostradamus's Prediction About 2023 Is More Dangerous Than Baba Vanga, The World Is Under The Shadow Of Fear

Looking Back 2022: From The Ukraine War To The Hijab Uprising In Iran, Events That Shook The World: The world has become turbulent On the one hand, as man is becoming the enemy of nature People have called the destruction of those people under such greed and lust This year, as the world has to face the wrath of nature, man has attacked a man in the lust of power and pride. Poisonous vapors have repeatedly spread in the air At the end of the year, the news daily looked back at those events.

Ukraine War: February 24, 2022. Russia started a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. The Russian army entered like a flood across the border. A fierce war broke out between the two former Soviet member states. But Russia has not yet captured Kyiv. Moscow has sent hundreds of thousands of troops and massive weapons to the fight. Heavy fighting is going on in the Donbas region.

Janata Raj in Sri Lanka: The economic boom that started in 2019 reached its peak in 2022. Sri Lanka faced a severe economic crisis during the reign of then President Gotabaya and his brother former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa due to mismanagement and economic missteps. Sri Lankans blame Gotabaya’s misguided economic policies for the first such disaster after independence. Last July, angry mobs occupied the presidential palace. President Gotabaya secretly left the country in a special plane of the army when the country was burning with public anger. India is in the field to handle the situation. A new government is formed. Delhi delivers fuel and foodstuffs to neighboring countries.

The assassination of Shinzo Abe: July 8. 11:30 am Japan time (8:29 am Indian time). Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was speaking at an event in Nara. Suddenly the assailants shot at him. The father of Abenomics collapsed on the stage. He later died in the hospital.

Hijab Rebellion in Iran: On September 16, Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish girl, was killed by Iranian police. The young woman did not wear a hijab properly. That was his crime. Protests have been going on across the country since that incident. The girls of the Arab world are protesting in the streets of Iran by singing the song ‘Bella Chao’ created in the heart of Italy in opposition to the dictator. Anti-Hijab (Anti-Hijab) is also part of the movement of men. But the government of Iran is unwilling to change its position even though it is in trouble. Tehran claims that America has a hand in the conspiracy in this protest. Protesters are being fired on indiscriminately to quell the protests. The death sentence is given. All these allegations were made on the orders of the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Thamemen.

Xi Jinping again in China’s parliament: Breaking tradition, Xi Jinping sat in China’s parliament for the third time. The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China ended last October. In this congress, Xi Jinping was chosen as the president of the country for the third time. But the most dramatic moment of the session came when former Chinese President Hu Jintao was hurriedly escorted away from the media. Xi Jinping has been widely criticized for his decision to zero covid policy, and lockdown despite sitting on the bill. ‘Traitorous dictator’ seen on streets of Beijing, ‘We don’t want covid tests, we want food’ I don’t want lockdown, I want freedom’ banner. It was thought that he might eventually lose power. Before that, he was under house arrest. However, China’s President Xi Jinping appeared later to put an end to all speculations.

Shoot Imran Khan: In 2022, the domestic politics of Pakistan witnessed a huge upheaval. Imran Khan, head of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, lost his post as prime minister in April in a fierce attack by the opposition. Then in November, a gunman attacked Imran Khan’s ‘Real Freedom’ rally in Wazirabad. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan was shot dead. At least 15 members of his team were injured. Police arrested the attacker named Naved Bashir. Imran Khan also hinted that Pakistan Army is behind the attack.

History sage in Britain: Britain ruled India for almost two centuries. And making history in the month of October, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin won the race for the post of Prime Minister of Britain. He became the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Britain. On this day, Penny Mordant announced her withdrawal from the competition on Twitter. After that, the name of the leader of the Conservative Party was written in golden letters in the pages of history.

Charles Sovraj’s release from jail: ‘Bikini Killer’ Charles Sovraj is finally going to be released. On December 21, the Supreme Court of Nepal granted his request for release after almost 19 years. As a result, the notorious serial killer is finally going to be released from jail. The court ordered the French citizen Sobraj to leave Nepal within 15 days of his release from jail.


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