The Corona crisis has made all of us aware of the importance of health insurance. Its effect is also being seen these days. The number of people buying health insurance has increased rapidly. In such a situation, if you are also preparing to get health insurance, then look at the waiting period before choosing the policy. While purchasing a health insurance policy, keep in mind that any type of claim is settled only after the end of the waiting period. However, accidents are covered on the first day of purchasing the policy.

See the policy document for correct information.

Birsh Giri of Eko General Insurance said that the waiting period in health insurance has been done to prevent misuse or claim of the policy. The waiting period for different illnesses in health insurance also varies. Before taking health insurance, one must read the policy document provided by the company to get the correct waiting period information.

Already, the waiting period is longer

According to the instruction of the insurance regulator IRDA, all insurance companies have to keep the waiting period for 48 months for the already existing disease. That is, you take health insurance of any company and you will need to take cover of that disease for 48 months. In the case of pre-existing diseases, health insurance companies usually ask for a pre-entrance health check-up before issuing the policy. This check-up is done to assess the severity of pre-existing disease and rule out high-risk cases.

Do not try to avoid investigation

Health insurance companies may ask the proposed insured to undergo a medical examination to ascertain the current medical condition of the insurer. Some companies may also make medical examination mandatory. Never refuse medical examination. If you take insurance through a medical examination, you will not face any difficulty in claiming.

Set the correct cover amount

Evaluate your insurance coverage requirements before purchasing a health insurance plan as not everyone has the same illnesses and troubles. You may have some illness, your wife may have something else. Along with this, there is more cost in the treatment and care of some diseases. In the midst of the Corona crisis many people have faced trouble due to low cover. To avoid this, choose the amount of cover according to your need and expensive treatment costs .


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