A recent survey of researchers from Boston University has revealed many startling things. The majority of college-going students said that their academic performance had a major impact on mental health. Along with this, he has also complained of loneliness.

Nearly 33,000 college-going students in the US were surveyed. Studies by researchers have revealed that depression and disturbance problems are increasing rapidly among youth. The problem of depression has reached a peak among the youth.

The cause of all this is the corona epidemic. Boston-based mental health researcher and survey co-investigator Sarah Ketchen Lipson said half of the more youth tested in the stress test have been found positive. It is noteworthy that this nationwide survey was published on 11 February 2021.

Social distance responsible

83 percent of the students surveyed said that their mental health has negatively affected their academic performance in the past month. With this, two-thirds of college-going students are struggling with loneliness. Feeling isolated from the epidemic. The number of such people is increasing. However, social distance applied to control the epidemic is responsible for it.


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