Live update- see Corona Virus number in India here

Today, Corona Virus has become the most dangerous disease for the whole world, which originated from Wuhan city of China and now Corona Virus has also arrived in India due to which the number of corona virus patients in India is increasing rapidly. It has become very important to watch Corona Virus Live Update India every moment .

Live update- see Corona Virus number in India here

Today there is a situation of lockdown in almost all the countries of India as well as India, in spite of which the number of Corona Virus Patient and killing people in the whole world is increasing because till now there is no cure for this disease.

That’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Corona Virus an epidemic. Even in the event of a lockdown in India, the number of Corona Virus Patient is increasing, although it has been locked for 21 days now, but in such a situation there is a possibility of extending the lockdown. Are being expressed

Corona Virus Live Update India

Corona Virus is a new type of virus that has never been seen before, due to which infection causes coughing and shortness of breath as well as it is a fast spreading disease that spreads rapidly from person to person. You can guess that a person infected with the corona virus can spread the disease across the country.

Therefore, the number of Corona Virus Patient in India is increasing and this number is being updated every second, so you can find out from the graph below what Corona Virus Live Update India is right now Bharat me Corona Virus Sankhya

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Corona Virus Live Update USA

USA, which is the most powerful country in the world but is not even untouched by Corona Virus, but the number of Corona Virus Patient in USA is increasing more rapidly than India and the number of people killed by this virus is also more.

At this time New York is becoming the center of Corona Virus in the US, so the US government decided to lock the lockin late, so you can find out from the graph below Corona Virus Live Update USA

[cvct country-code=”US” style=”style-2″ title=”Stats” label-total=”Total Cases” label-deaths=”Deaths” label-recovered=”Recovered” label-active=”Active Cases” label-recovered-per=”Recovery %” label-death-per=”Death %” bg-color=”#d70909″ font-color=”#ffffff”]

Corona Virus Live Update Global

Corona virus has become a terrible disease for the whole world today and because it spreads rapidly, there is hardly any country in almost all the countries of the world where there is no havoc of corona virus.

[cvct country-code=”all” style=”style-1″ title=”Global (Corona Virus Stats)” label-total=”Total Cases” label-deaths=”Death Cases” label-recovered=”Recovered” bg-color=”#eeeeee” font-color=”#222222″]

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After all what is Corona Virus

Corona virus is a new type of virus that causes disease in mammals and birds. The person who has corona virus has symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and cold-cough-cold and fever. Corona virus is a terrible disease which is worldwide More than 40 thousand people have died, which you can understand the seriousness of this dangerous disease.

Corona virus has originated from the city of Wuhan in China, where the corona virus has become the cause of death of thousands of people and gradually now this virus has spread all over the world, due to which now people infected with this virus are getting everywhere. .

The corona virus is so dangerous because one has not yet discovered any cure for this disease and secondly, this virus spreads very quickly from one person to another, so the condition has become that almost all countries have a lockdown situation. .

In view of this deadly disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Corona Virus an epidemic and it is being feared that millions of people may be killed due to this virus, so you should follow the rules made by the government and This virus should be stopped from spreading.

What are the symptoms of Corona Virus

The most terrible thing about the corona virus is that it takes 2 to 14 days for a person suffering from the corona virus to show its symptoms, due to which the disease takes a fatal form and the information is unknowingly caused by the virus and people. Comes into contact with

It is believed that the risk of Corona Virus increases further for the person above the age of 60 years and the highest number of people above the age of 60 has been seen among those killed by the Corona virus.

A person infected with Corona Virus has seen many symptoms which can be inferred that a person may have Corona Virus as follows.

Fever – sore throat –
cold (runny nose) –
blockage of the nose –
fatigue in
body – dry cough –
trouble breathing

Corona Virus Prevention Measures

Since Corona Virus is a disease that has not been treated yet, but it is being worked on quickly, there are several ways to avoid the Corona virus, by following which you can avoid getting infected with Corona Virus.

1. To prevent corona virus, wash your hands frequently and take 20-30 seconds for this.

2. Do not go to public place and stay indoors to protect from corona virus.

3. Follow the right rules made by the government.

4. Keep distance from people who show symptoms of corona virus.

5. Do not touch anything outside the house without any weight.

6. Avoid going out of the house and use a mask and handkerchief on the mouth.

7. Cover your handkerchief and nose with your elbow while sneaking.

8. Greet instead of shaking hands so that the virus does not spread to each other.

9. If you notice symptoms of corona virus, seek medical advice immediately.

10. Corona virus is a serious disease, so do not treat it yourself.

Corona Virus is a terrible disease that no citizen of the country should take lightly and follow all the rules made by the government because if you try to take this virus lightly, then you along with your life as well as your Families, neighbors, villages, states, and countries will put them in danger.

We have to face this disease against Corona Virus by staying together in our own house, so do not cross the Lakshman Rekha and stay at home.

We hope that you have got information about this article of our Corona Virus and Bharat me Corona Virus Sankhya Live Update and now you have to share this article with people who do not have this information yet.



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