Budget 2021: Even after imposing 100% cess on liquor, prices will not increase! Understand all mathematics here

Liquor Sales In Adilabad: Maharashtra Liquor Into Telangana, Illegal Belt Shops: Liquor from Maharashtra comes into Telangana. Smuggling of liquor goes here and there by local people there..No one asks.. If cases are made every now and then, will the liquor gang stop.. What is happening in the borders of Telangana and Maharashtra.. It becomes a question of why the mafia keeps coming until the raids are done.

The domestic liquor of Maharashtra is pouring into the borders of the joint district of Adilabad. They bring it from there at a low price and sell it here at a high price. For this, some people are setting up dens on the borders by joining hands with the liquor mafia. Sales are being made there. Especially in the Penuganga border zones of the Adilabad district, e-commerce has increased. In many villages of Bhimpur, Tansi, Talamadugu, Jainath, and Gadiguda manuals of the district, the countrymen are selling together in belt shops. From there they are taking it in large numbers. They are crossing the Ganga in bags or boxes. Liquor smuggling is going on in the villages that share the border with Maharashtra along with Komuram Bhim and Nirmal districts.

The countrymen who have not set up illegal belt shops are selling liquor here in the border areas of the state. People in the border villages are drinking decider due to Telangana’s higher liquor rates and the perception that there is more adulterated liquor here. The liquor there is cheaper than the liquor here, so people tend to go there. Due to this, business is going on, but in some places, the authorities are taking it for granted. During the year, 506 annual liters were confiscated and 69 cases were registered. 84 people were arrested in those cases. And five people doing business in Telangana were bound over. These are official calculations only. If there is any information, there are allegations that the raids will be done only because of the pressure.. There are allegations that the Excise officers are accustomed to routines and remain silent when the countrymen come to the state. There is a lot of publicity that the belt shop is charging.

Meanwhile, the smugglers from Maharashtra are resorting to raids to catch some excise officials. Recently, the Excise SI who came to Ambuguda in Bhimpur Mandal attacked three constables with stones and the SI and the constables were injured. In a border village, there are cases where the whole village surrounded the officials who were raided. Officials say that the liquor of the abbey does not reach us. Officials say that there will be good taste among us. Some other authorities are saying that the liquor is going to our side… In any case, the authorities need to put a brake on the illegal liquor and smugglers coming from the neighboring state.


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