Lionel Messi Does Not Consider Argentina Favorite Ahead Of Qatar World Cup: Sonar has played four World Cups in his football career to date. He will come to Qatar to play in the fifth World Cup, which is also the last World Cup of his life. And before embarking on the cup campaign, Lionel Messi gave a long interview with an Argentinian newspaper about everything from his dreams to the team’s chances of winning the cup…

Q: Leo, you have played in four World Cups. He has been playing since the 2006 World Cup. What lessons have you learned from the last four World Cups?
Messi: Look, I was very young during the 2006 World Cup. As I enjoyed the first World Cup, on the one hand, there was a fire inside, it was working. I wanted to play more. I wanted more success. On the one hand, that’s good. But if you rush too much, and start thinking about everything, the joy you get from the game diminishes. 2014 World Cup we were playing really well. I will never forget the experience of the World Cup in Brazil. Brazil World Cup taught me that a strong team is real. That’s what wins the tournament. If you’re targeting big goals, you need a strong team. You can say, this year’s team Argentina has a lot of similarities with the team of 2014. The mentality of this team, the way the team runs together, was also present in the 2014 World Cup Argentina team. And four World Cup (Qatar World Cup) education? I will say that I have learned one thing after playing four World Cups. The first match of the tournament is the most important. If you play well in the first match, it automatically sets the tone for the rest of the tournament.

Q: Say something. How do you handle the pressure that rushes from outside when you get on the field? Argentina fans have already appeared in groups in Qatar to see the trophy in your hands. Regardless of cost.
Messi: Look, there will be huge expectations at the international level. And you have to know how to proceed with it. It is not easy for the people of Argentina to rush to different countries to watch the football world cup. But after that, they went. In fact, the football team has a spiritual connection with the people of my country. Argentinian football fans want to be with the team at any cost, in any situation, happy or sad.
Q: He said no about the pressure….
Messi: As I said, you have to know how to manage the pressure at this stage. We don’t want to think about what is going on in the outside world. Players have to learn to build invisible walls with the outside world. And see, who does not dream? We see too. But at the same time, as a team, we step on the ground of reality. We know, we are playing well now. But it must also be understood that the tournament is the World Cup! In the tournament, there will be a danger for you at every moment. Even the slightest mistake is not forgiven here. A small mistake can end you in a match. And you can’t think of anything that can happen in football. That theory doesn’t always work. Rather, high-quality football should be played from the beginning. It is not easy to play day after day with the same hunger, and same concentration. But that’s what needs to be done in the World Cup. I can say this, we will fight. But the fact that the whole of Argentina has assumed that we are the champions is not right.

Q: He is right. Argentina will have to play either Denmark or France in the last sixteen games.
Messi: Yes. But thinking about the last sixteen matches at the moment is a crime. Should, think about the first match of the group. As I said earlier, the first match of the World Cup is the most important. My mantra is – to start well. Take three points. After that think about the next match in a relaxed way. A lot of things can be said by thinking in advance, whether you will play with so-and-so or with Pamuk. But when the time comes, you will see that everything has changed. If we start to think that we have reached the last sixteen, then we are also in danger. To be clear, the World Cup comes with unexpected surprises that you can’t even imagine.
Question: Well, it’s great that Argentina is going to the World Cup after going undefeated in the last 35 matches.
Messi: No. It’s just a statistic. We don’t think about it. As we know, as good times come, so do bad times. But there is faith that we can overcome that bad time. In fact, this team was formed out of a bad experience. Lost to Brazil in 2019 Copa America. But after that, this team stood up from that heap. Argentina today. So, going into the World Cup, don’t think that we have won 35 matches in a row.

Q: Leo, have you ever sworn to yourself during your football career? Thought I should do this, do that?
Messi: No, I didn’t think so. I swear I don’t. I just think that what you will do in life, what you will get, will be decided by the almighty. And believe me, I am happy with what I got from football, from life outside of football. The rest is up to God.
Q: Well, there is no pressure from your family about this World Cup? Not from the kids, not from Antonella?
Messi: Yes. Like the whole country, Antonella is suffering from anxiety, and Thiago is suffering. Thiago is always watching videos of the national team. Who to play against, who to play against later – everything. I understand Thiago is getting nervous. The problem is, her anxiety is putting a huge strain on me again.
Q: Last question. What message will Lionel Messi give to Argentina fans about the World Cup?
Messi: Same thing. We are blessed to have your love. We are growing like you. And yes, pray that we may fight. And we will fight. Because this Argentina knows how to fight.

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