Health Tips: Attention! These problems can occur due to lack of sleep

Life Style: If You Stay Away From Those Habits, The Problem Of Insomnia Can Be Checked: They oversleep by setting an alarm to get up early in the morning before going to bed. But many people are lazily saying that even if the alarm is ringing, let’s stop for a while. Even if hours pass like this, we keep losing sleep. Due to this, the time for college and office is running out. At home, if they start saying good morning, we get up slowly and start getting ready in a hurry. Medical experts suggest sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a day. But not spending enough time glued to mobile phones or computer screens. Some people, however, sleep longer than the allotted time. Health experts warn that sleeping too much or too little can cause health problems. Even in some villages, they eat their meals before eight o’clock and go to sleep at 9 o’clock. They get up at 5 in the morning and are immersed in their work. Especially in the families of those who do agriculture, this method is followed without fail. Since they have to go to the farm in the morning, they sleep before 9 o’clock at night. Such people are very healthy.

In today’s changing lifestyle, especially the youth are glued to their phone screens even at 12 at night. This makes them lazy to get up in the morning. As a result, they are affected by many health problems at a young age. Sleep is a very important thing in a person’s life. If you do not sleep properly for a couple of days, you will soon suffer from health problems. If a person sleeps less than six hours, it is called short sleep, and if it is more than eight hours, it is called excessive sleep. Neither of these two is good for health. That’s why you should sleep at a fixed time. The reason for not getting up early in the morning, our laziness is because we don’t sleep at a fixed time. Let’s find out what to do to get rid of laziness and get up at the scheduled time.

Sleeping at a fixed time

Depending on our age and health capacity, we should sleep for at least seven hours. By doing that, the body gets enough rest. If we think about the time we have to get up in the morning, we should plan our sleep accordingly. However, health experts suggest that it is better to sleep before 11 pm. Some people are glued to mobile screens for long hours and neglect sleep. It becomes a habit for some people to spend some time with their mobile every day before going to bed. But if we practice for a few days to put mobiles away before going to bed and go to bed early, our bodies will get used to it. With this, apart from being healthy, you can wake up on time.


Usually, even if you wake up early in the morning, what should you do? You still have time to go to the office or college. That’s why if you make a habit of walking and exercising every morning. Must get used to getting up early in the morning. Exercise is also healthy. By walking and exercising, the person will be very cheerful and energetic throughout the day. Especially body parts are active. Laziness takes away from the man.

Away from mobile screens

Mobile is the first thing that keeps a person awake for a certain period of time. More and more youths are becoming addicted to mobile rather than using it for necessity. Due to this, children are also getting used to using mobile phones at home. Mobiles are becoming a part of their life as they are attached to mobile phones from a young age. Being glued to the screens of mobiles before going to bed, we don’t even realize how much time we are spending on them, reducing our sleep time. Due to this, they are not able to get up in time in the morning and are getting lazy. Experts suggest that by reducing the use of mobile phones before going to bed, one can wake up at the scheduled time in the morning.

Planning work in advance

People who are not used to exercise are late. But what to do immediately after waking up in the morning should be planned the day before. By doing that, the thought of doing something non-stop starts and the habit of getting up at the scheduled time is formed. Those who don’t want any work should aim to learn something new. Getting used to learning a new language or children or painting can help you get to sleep early and avoid laziness for non-stop activities.

Good breakfast

Waking up early in the morning also makes you hungry. Make sure that there is no gap between the time of getting up and the time of eating. Also, by taking good nutritious food for breakfast, the body gets the energy it needs. Along with this, the person can be active throughout the day.


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