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LIC Jeevan Shiromani: Become A Millionaire In Four Years, Excellent Policy In LIC: These days, there are various options available to those who make investments. A small amount of investment can get a large amount of return. ..

Lic Jeevan Shiromani Plan

These days, there are various options available to those who make investments. A small amount of investment can get a large amount of return. There are various policies available in the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). Everyone from the common man to businessmen trust Life Insurance Corporation when it comes to investments. Investing money in LIC gives relatively higher returns on interest as compared to banks. Despite investing in various policies, many people are not familiar with LIC policy. Depositing money in LIC can earn up to Rs.1 crore. The investment period is also very short. If you keep that investment for just 4 years. you will get up to one crore rupees. Jeevan Shiromani Scheme is one of the best plans offered by LIC. It is this scheme that makes investors millionaires within a short span of time.

LIC Jeevan Shiromani Scheme

LIC announced this Jeevan Shiromani Scheme on 19th December 2017. Under this scheme, investors can invest Rs. 1 crore can be obtained. It is a non-linked, limited premium payment money-back scheme. Jeevan Shiromani scheme provides financial assistance to the family of the investor if he dies during the policy term. This scheme has the flexibility to pay the premium annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. The minimum age to purchase this policy is 18 years.

The loan facility is based on the premium paid by the investor during the policy period. The minimum cash value of this policy is Rs. Crore, there is no upper limit. But this policy tenure is 14, 16, 18, 20 years. But the premium is payable only for 4 years. A guaranteed additional bonus is available in this plan. Rs. 1000 on the deposit amount of Rs. 50 will be added. For the first 5 years Rs. 50 each, thereafter Rs. 55 thousand will get an additional bonus. On top of this, customers also get a loyalty add-on, which means that as LIC’s earnings increase, the customer is also given its benefit.

What is Premium Payment Policy?

In this plan, the customer can get the facility of depositing premiums every year, half year, quarter, or every month. Those who have completed 18 years can take this policy. This policy is not valid for persons under 18 years of age. Maximum age of 55 years can take this policy. The maturity age in the policy is 69 years. That is, the policy can be given till the age of 69 at maturity. Pay 4 years less than the premium plan years. The minimum basic sum assured is Rs. 1 crore and no upper limit.

How much you will get at maturity:

This is a money-back plan. In which LIC pays a fixed amount to the policyholder from time to time. In the case of a 14-year policy, 30-30 percent of the sum assured is available in the 10th and 12th years. If the policy is for 16 years, 35-35% sum assured in the 12th and 14th years, 40-40% sum assured in the 14th and 16th years for 18 years policy, and 45-45% sum assured in the 16th and 18th years for 20 years policy. In this policy, customers can also borrow against the surrender value.

What is the purpose of death?

If the subscriber dies within 5 years of taking the policy, he/she is given a sum assured, guaranteed additional money. After 5 years of taking the policy, if the customer dies before maturity, the sum assured plus loyalty is paid out. For any complete details contact the nearest LIC office.


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