If you feel like eating something sweet after eating, then you can make chamcham and keep it in the house. Come, know-

Ingredients: Cottage
cheese 300 grams
flour 2 teaspoons
green cardamom powder 2 teaspoons
sugar one and a half cups
condensed milk 200 grams
Eating color (yellow) ½ teaspoon
water 4 cups chopped pistachios handful
for garnishing

First heat 3 to 4 cups of water in a pan on medium heat.
Now add sugar and let the sugar dissolve completely in the water.
When the sugar syrup becomes thick, add yellow food color to it.
Keep in mind that sugar syrup is not too thick. It needs to be slightly thinner. Turn down the heat.
Now mix the paneer and maida in a vessel. Mix well and make small balls of the oval shape.
Pour these balls lightly in sugar syrup and let it cook on low flame for a while. Turn off the gas.
When the syrup becomes cold, take out the chamcham from the syrup and keep it aside in a plate.
Now mix the condensed milk and cardamom powder well in a pot. Apply it well over the cham.
Garnish with chopped pistachios and serve them as per your liking or on normal temperature.


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