LDF Will Come And Everything Will Be Fine, CPM In Urakkuduk, There Are More Corruption Stories On Social Media: The corruption stories of CPM are coming out one by one. It all started with the Mayor’s letter of recommendation for appointment to temporary vacancies in the Corporation. And Councilor DR Anil’s letter was out, so everyone understood the rule that CPM-run ldf will come and everything will be fine. The incident is being investigated. The crime branch has not yet been able to record the statement of CPM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan and councilor DR Anil as part of the case. Despite repeated requests from the investigation team, the two were not allowed time to record their statements. He initially informed me that he would testify yesterday evening, but he withdrew citing the rush. Even after the incident has become so controversial, the mystery is increased by the fact that the accused are walking away without giving a statement.

Once the statement of both persons is recorded, the preliminary investigation will be completed and the report will be submitted by the crime branch. The crime branch is trying to submit the report on Monday.

The crime branch has so far only recorded the statements of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Mayor Arya Rajendran and two municipal employees. According to the current statement, the police will have to register a case and conduct an investigation. Meanwhile, the opposition protest against the mayor regarding the controversial letter continues.

Meanwhile, CPM will hold an emergency district committee meeting today. The meeting comes after the letter has embarrassed both the party and the government. In addition to the police investigation, there are indications that a party investigation will also take place.

Anavar Nagappan and Aryarajendran repeatedly say that they do not know anything. The state leadership believes that the current controversy is due to the problems related to sectarianism in the district unit.

At the same time, the High Court considered the petition seeking an inquiry into the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation letter controversy case. The High Court entered into the case related to the letter and issued notices to all the opposing parties. The plea will be heard again on November 25. The petition was filed by GS Sreekumar, former councilor of the corporation.

The court also asked why the state government did not take action against Arya Rajendran despite the serious violation of the rules. Till now no case or FIR has been registered against Mayor Arya. The CBI’s lawyer was also present in the court when the petition was being heard. Therefore, there is a possibility that the CBI will file a case against Arya Rajendran on its own initiative. Let’s see what will unfold in the letter controversy case.


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