Chicago resident Briana Hill was 38 weeks pregnant when she sat for the law exam last week. Within half an hour of typing the answers to the questions on the computer, she started feeling childbirth. However, she stood on the seat as she was forbidden to move through the camera to ensure that the students are not copying.

Briana dealt the first paper while suffering labor for an hour. After this, she got up from the seat for water break and realized that her amniotic sac had been torn. This bag made of two fine membranes protects the baby in the uterus. However, Briana was also supposed to complete a second paper that day.

In such a situation, he consulted the doctor and in the midst of labor pains, disposed of the second paper in one and a half hours. She looked quite restless while taking the exam. Tears were flowing from his eyes. 

On clicking the ‘Submit’ button, Briana’s husband rushed her to the hospital. Five hours later they gave birth to a son. “It was my childhood dream to graduate in law from Loyola University School of Law,” says Briana. I did not want to miss my exam due to pregnancy. So I kept answering questions even in a groan of pain. It was not easy, but the desire to earn a name in the world of advocacy gave me the courage to suffer childbirth. ‘ Briana’s courage is being praised on social media.


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