Lakshmi With Mohanlal With Brilliant Performance: Telugu Actress Made Her Malayalam Debut: After Pulimurukan, Mohanlal, Udaykrishna, and Vysakh are coming together again in Monster. Despite the reunion of the director, actor, and production company of Malayalam’s biggest grosser, the trailers and teasers of Monster did not give much hope to the fans. Even though the controversy surrounding the film just before it hit the theaters has managed to create a small amount of hype, the film has only the twists that regular moviegoers expect. Aashirwad production house in this film could be the reason behind the monster theatrical release made for OTT.

The highlight of the small-budget film is the script itself. Another thing is the creation of characters and their performances that are completely connected to the story. Although many actresses have come to Malayalam from foreign languages, Lakshmi Manchu has done more for her character than all of them. Lakshmi’s Malayalam debut, as an actress and a producer, is not bad at all. Especially in the fight scenes with Mohanlal, the actress has given a brilliant performance. The 45-year-old actress has done a stand-up performance with the superstar.

The film revolves around Bhamini, a taxi driver, who one day has to travel with Lucky Singh and the events that follow. The film is driven by the question of why he is with her. Even though the twists and climaxes are all predictable, it is worth mentioning that the superstar stopped playing such a role. Honey Rose’s Bhamini is another character that the film has from start to finish. Honey also played her character in a good way.

Sudev Nair, Ganesh Kumar, Siddique, Lena, Sadhika Venugopal, Swastika, Johnny Anthony, Ivala Babu, Kailash, and others played the lead roles. Jagapathi Babu also appears in a guest role. Cinematography by Satish Kurup. Editing by Shameer Mohammad, Music by Deepak Dev, Production Controller by Sidhu Panakkal, Sanghatanam by Stunt Silva, Costume Design by Sujith Sudhakaran, Stills by Bennett M Varghese, Promo Stills by Anish Upasana, Publicity Designs by Anand Rajendran, etc.

Monster is a better experience if you approach it as a normal movie rather than as a superstar film. No need to go to the theater expecting Pulimurugan and Pokiriraja. Monster is not a movie for such movie fans.


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