Lakshmi Ghar Aayi

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav tells his buddy that a terrible circle of relatives can spend their entire existence with the cash spent on a rich own family wedding and says he got here right here on his insistence and will leave now to put together for his activity interview. Buddy asks him to enjoy watching the lovely women around. Raghav says he can’t wait as he wishes to put together for his task interview. Raniya fills her plate with food and stuffs her mouth with dishes. Buchi asks her to devour slowly. A female sees raniya’s torn sari pallu and asks from whose side they are. Buchi says from groom’s aspect. Female says she is also from groom’s side and in no way equal them. She calls safety. Raniya noticing that announces she is from groom’s aspect itself and indicates her gold polished brass bangles and lies that she determined those polished faux gold bangles in dowry object. Woman says mahesh is a class 1 officer and has quite a few money. Jawala says he is a fraud and and all of the dowry objects are faux. Phrases unfold amongst all visitors. Wedding rituals start. Mithilesh and his wife prevent wedding ceremony and allege mahesh that he is a fraud and gave all faux gadgets as dowry. Mahesh pleads he’s fallacious. Mithilesh’s spouse suggests faux bangles. Mahesh and his wife show jewelry receipts and natural banarasi saris. Mithilesh’s spouse throws saris away which fall into havan fireplace. Mithilesh and his spouse cancel wedding ceremony.

Groom gets out of mandap and walks away. Mahesh and his wife fall on mithilesh and his wife’s ft and plead no longer to cancel the wedding. Maithili rushes to help mahesh. Shikha stands senselessly in mantap remembering the day before today;s incident. Mandap catches hearth and shikha receives stuck in it. Jwala enjoys the incident and thinks she took revenge of her daughters’ insult and now groom’s own family will move home with out bride. All of us rush in the direction of burning mantap seeing shikha burning. Mithili additionally rushes to rescue shikha, however raghav pushes her away and brings out shikha. Jwala escapes with her daughter seeing raghav fearing she will be uncovered. Shikha’s face and palms gets seriously burnt. Maithili helps shikha. Mithilesh and his spouse yell that shikha is acting and mahesh’s own family is simply looking to garner sympathy. Maithili gets indignant hearing that and asks if they could’t see shikha’s burn injuries and asks them to get into fire and notice if they’ll burn or not. Argument starts. Mithilesh and his wife yell at her next. Raghav helps maithili and condemns their orthodox questioning and demands to report dowry case against them and send them to prison.

Mithilesh warns that he doesn’t recognise who he is. Maithili backs raghav and says let the police come and arrest. Sadhna tells mahesh let us call health practitioner first after which consider this wedding ceremony. Visitors discuss that mithilesh’s family burnt the bride for dowry and they shouldn’t have attended this wedding. Next morning, jwala calls marriage broker again and says she can now not compromise a penny in divorce. Broker says he were given more than a few 1 alliance for raghav and female’s circle of relatives is from a completely rich circle of relatives. Jwala says there’s no need for that as she already decided on a lady. Dealer insists to take a look at the female’s % as soon as as she will get a huge dowry. Jwala rejects his notion once more. Maithili visits shikha, cheers her up, feeds her meals. Shikha cries sayig her mehandi is burnt. Shikha’s mom says she spoke 2 words after a long time. Sadhna consoles her. Returned at jwala’s house, raniya attempts to convince jwala to just accept dealer’s delivered alliance as there is no guarantee of higher dowry from the pandal female/maithili’s circle of relatives.

Jwala imagines her house full of dowry items and lets in broking to name the female’s own family on his guarantee. Police visits shikha’s residence and questions on the twist of fate at wedding venue. Shikha’s mother lies that shikha were given burnt in kitchen. Maithili walks out. Inspector insists her to inform reality and describe what she saw in the course of wedding ceremony. Maithili reminisces the dowry disturbing incident.

Precap: maithili seems at fireflies and desires of turning into self-made like arun. Raghav additionally discusses about fireflies. They both meet.


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