Lakshmi Ghar Aayi

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 24rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jwala walks to raghav and insists her to call maithili and inform her that he doesn’t want to marry her. Raghav says he isn’t always telling that he doesn’t want to marry; maithili is a rich circle of relatives girl and lived lavishly till now, how will she manage with a lecturer. She says if maithili values cash, he have to cancel the wedding proper now. He says he didn’t suggest that. She says he can’t understand determine’s pain, his sister rani is sitting at home and eagerly ready to go back to her in-legal guidelines house.

She maintains her emotional blackmailing that she is losing blood tears in taking care of circle of relatives and doesn’t permit him realize their issues, further sadhna have to be shedding tears for maithili, so he need to persuade maithili for marriage in four-five days. Raghav agrees. She asks him to call maithili and communicate proper now. He is of the same opinion again.

Raghav calls maithili and asks why she is silent. Maithili says after 4 days she will be able to lose her residence, her dad and mom, her siblings, the time she spent right here, her happiness and sorrows, her experiences, her combat and plays together with her siblings, etc. She says all her recollections will transfer from her discern’s residence to their residence and they’ll have their each households and love collectively.

She gets glad listening to that. Arun asks his assistant to break all his fds. Jwala calls him and says raghav is her special baby and all her family need to wait raghav’s engagement. He asks to invite them all and asks what number of are there. Mangi signals five.

She shuts his mouth and says 20 household. Arun asks to ask them all. Jwala receives glad. Mangi says he is orphan and she is relative less, how will they discover 20 household. She asks to hire 20 fake spouse and children. Sadhna orders servants to beautify house with marigold plants.

Arun stops them and asks to bring carnation alternatively. Sadhna says they could’t spend so much on handiest maithili as they have got still arthi left for marriage, consequently they need to be cautious with spending. Jwala knocks wall. Rani asks if there may be someone in all. She says wall is shallow and there are 2000 rs notes hidden in it. Rani asks her now not to speak insane and gives her tea. Arun tells sadhna that its his daughter’s engagement and he wants the whole thing to be ideal.

She tries best to persuade him, but he walks away ordering to reserve carnation. His telephone jewelry, she alternatives name and hears her supervisor informing that his fd is released and his non-public mortgage is sanctioned however due to the fact its of excessive fee, hobby charge is excessive.

Arun walks to maithili and says he doesn’t need to get his daughters married, but he doesn’t need them to bitch that he didn’t allow them to meet their tall, darkish, good-looking guy and fall in his love. Maithili shies. Arun says he likes raghav and is aware of he will maintain her satisfied, so he needs her to marry quickly and visit raghav’s house.

Jwala tells rani that arun will gift a big diamond ring as shagun to raghav throughout engagement, she will promote the hoop and conceal the money in wall. Maithili goes to jewelry save and canceling diamond ring buys a easy ring. Rani praises jwala’s concept. Jwala asks her to make a hole in wall to cover the cash.

Mangi hires low-grade actors, bathes them and orders them that he’s going to take them to his son’s engagement ceremony day after today wherein they’ll get a shagun money envelope, they will keep 5% of the cash and provide him 95%. They agree. Chanchal thinks his parents are shamelessly planning to sell their son. Jwala calls jeweller domestic and exams earrings units. Jeweler says she desired to buy best ring.

She says her son may be a destiny deputy collector and is turning into arun tiwari’s son-in-regulation, so she will be able to purchase complete set one day. Jeweler thinks if she had not threatened him, he wouldn’t have come here. His assistant shows her jewelry and says this one turned into ordered via arun, however maithili exchanged it to a simple one.

Jwala reacts, then asks him to depart the rings together with her as she knows how to send the diamond ring to arun’s residence. Jeweler asks fee. She acts and yells on him and asks to trust her and he or she will get arun’s assure to for fee. Jeweler is of the same opinion. Jwala thinks her next undertaking is to ship this diamond ring to arun’s house one way or the other.

Precap: raghav and maithili enjoy their engagement characteristic. Jwala exchanges ring. For the duration of ring change rite, maithili informs arun that she selected exclusive ring and its in jwala’s bag.


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