Lakshmi Ghar Aayi

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

arun proposes maithili’s alliance with raghav to raghav’s dad and mom. Raghav’s father says their residence is just too small for maithili. Jwala says even they’ll get a massive residence and car soon after raghav gets a category i activity. Arun says he needs to searching for maithili’s opinion first and then will tell them if she is ready to marry raghav. Jwala receives satisfied and asks her husband to drop arun until door. Maithili nervously waits for arun to go back home and once he returns says its her mistake and she or he shouldn’t have long gone to meet raghav. Arun asks if she is prepared for marriage with raghav. Maithili is surprised to hear that. Aarti insists her to mention yes. Maithili sees sandhya and remembering her advice says yes.

Arun says sandya’s recommendation of getting daughters married soon is right, he constantly wanted a boy for maithili like raghav who can care for her. On the other facet, jwala pampers raghav and congratulates him. Raghav nervously thinks if he’s taking a choice too early. Maithili also thinks same. Jwala makes an extended listing of dowry at night time. Her husband asks her to exchange off bed mild and let him sleep. She sees raghav on foot nervously and thinks she must stop him from changing his thoughts, walks to him and uses her emotional drama to persuade him for wedding. He concurs saying her want is an order for him. She speaks about reputation and says she desires to see him to improve his repute in existence. He is of the same opinion once more. She receives satisfied. He calls maithili to find out her choice, tells her that her father known as and informed that he’s coming home with shagun, and asks if she is ok with their marriage. She says she respects her papa’s choice and is satisfied along with her papa’s choice.

Subsequent morning, maithili’s buddy shikha calls her and informs that she were given admission for ma on her recommendation and asks in which university she were given her admission. Maithili says she is marrying as she always wanted to satisfy her aunty’s desire and get a motherly love from her. Shikha insists her to pursue her goals. Maithili says her marriage will now not forestall her goals and she will pursue them after marriage. She smiles remembering raghav’s encouragement for her to observe in addition, and many others., and thinks it s clean to specific her goals with raghav, she is positive he will help her dreams. Sandhya brings her new get dressed. Maithili asks who brought it. Sandhya asks if she can’t convey her gift and asks her to get prepared and are available down soon. Maithili thinks maa gifted her some thing after many days and says thanks maa, then says aunty.

Raghav with his circle of relatives reaches maithili’s residence with shagun. Jwala gets happy seeing a royal welcome. Arun welcomes them in and makes them sit down. Jwala tells her husband their respect has multiplied. Servants convey snack and tea. Sandhya brings maithili who touches jwala’s feet. Jwala makes her sit in the front of raghav. Raghav gets mesmerized along with her splendor. Jwala asks him to speak to maithili on my own in lawn if he desires to. Sandhya additionally consents. Pandit unearths muhurat after 7 months. Jwala’s husband and sandhya say its too past due. Jwala says they ought to test her list first and palms the listing to sandhya, reminiscing writing a long listing of dowry objects.

Precap: sandhya performs maithili and raghav’s engagement rituals. Jwala thinks if her son’s task check effects pop out and if he fails, arun will cancel the alliance, so she has to do something. Her husband meets maithili disguised as a sadhu.


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