Lakshmi Ghar Aayi

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav attends interview with arun as one among interviewers and fails to answer their questions. Jwala disguised as a rich girl visits arun’s residence for raghav and maithili’s alliance. Her husband says his blazer may be very tight. She asks if he didn’t change is holed vest. Defend greets them and husband replies like a peon.

She warns him to act like wealthy and if she can no longer give him tea if they lose this alliance. They stroll in. Sadhna greets them in. Husband is amazed to see one of these big residence.

Servants serve snacks. Husband begins munching. Jwala mimics sadhna’s fashion and says they have been glad while marriage broker chaurasia brought them arun babu’s daughter’s alliance for his or her son. Sadhna’s son-in-regulation/sil asks in which department he works. Husband likes he is a pp rather than peon. Jwala asks sadhna to call maithili and praises her beauty.

Sadhna introduces them to whole family. Jwala asks if the alliance is fixed. Arun enters and says there won’t be any alliance and asks them to depart.

Jwala thinsk where did he come from and walks away along with her husband. Arun confronts sadhna for seeking to restore maithili’s alliance with out his approval and says she cannot destroy maithili’s vivid future by means of getting her married. Maithili attempts to interfere, but arun stops her and continues tongue lashing sadhna.

Visiting again home, jwala’s husband says they got insulted by using wealthy officer’s family once more. Jwala calculates maithili’s rings and own family’s wealth and thinks after they so much earrings and valuable clothes at domestic, they may deliver extra in dowry. They return domestic where their daughters ask in the event that they fixed the alliance.

Chanchal says they have to have got rejected. Jwala throws her sandal on him. Sadhna yells that only maithili subjects on this house and no one else. Arun says he loves his all 3 kids equally and says she always differentiated among aarti and maithli and by no means regular maithili even after 15 years. Maithili attempts to calm them down. Sadhna warns her to call her aunty. Arun fumes more and walks away.

Maithili consoles sadha. Sadhna blames her again and says she just wishes her get married. Bhavna says maithili is prepared for marriage. Jwala asks rani to return sweets as alliance is canceled.

Family panics. Husband says they have been insulted sincerely badly. Jwala says officers insulting them is sort of a honor for them and thinks as soon as raghav passes interview and receives a task, arun himself will plead to get her son married to his daughter.

Precap: jwala panics when raghav informs that he may also fail in interview. At night time, raghav messages maithili to meet him at ghat as he desires to go back her kerchief. She waits for him at ghat when riots escape.


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