Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with randhir pronouncing i’ve a manner to tell the reality to nalini. Vashma gives the tiffin to uday. She presents him a hockey ball. She says its new, i stored money to buy this, you’ll win the match. Uday says i don’t need to go away you alone and go. She says not anything will occur to me, don’t fear, i m pleasant. He says i m stressed this time, i was away before also, however i feel unusual. She says you are going for at some point, i received’t die in someday. He says prevent nonsense. Amrit says i don’t assume if i can do this or no longer. Randhir asks why not, you’re forgetting who you’re, its your fight. She says its hard to stay as ranjhan, its a big difference. He says we need to win this fight in every manner, that is the last way now. Vashma says sorry, i gained’t say this once more. A boy comes there and steps on the ball. Uday says don’t step at the ball. The boy says that is my state, who are you to forestall me. Uday asks what’s your call. The boy says manav pratap singh, i’m able to do what i say. Uday says provide me the ball lower back, i’m able to play hockey with you. Manav cries.

Uday consoles him and says beat me with the hockey. Vashma says prevent it, you must have concept of this before scolding. Uday does sit down ups. Vashma makes manav smile. Mohan comes and receives manav again. He says don’t dare to the touch my son. He scolds vashma and takes manav with him. Manav smiles. Vashma smiles and waves bye to him. Vashma asks uday not to get angry, go away now, he got late. Uday hugs her and goes. Bindu says manav has come. She does his aarti. Manav asks did you all look after the palace in my absence. Everybody smiles. Nalini says yes, i want you to fulfill your elder brother, randhir pratap singh. Manav asks do you realize playing hockey. Randhir says a bit. Manav says i’m able to teach you, i m feeling hungry now. Nalini takes him. Mohan asks sumer singh to keep the baggage. Bindu asks him to give money to sumer singh. Vashma comes and sees the equal man who had stolen kabir. She says he’s the same man. She goes after him, what is he doing right here, i need to meet him. She asks servant about him. He says i didn’t see anybody. Vashma is going to look. Mohan comes.

Sumer says i’ve to speak. Mohan says later. Sumer says you didn’t communicate such while you took the kid. Mohan says i m with own family now, leave now, no need to talk to all and sundry, we can communicate the following day. Sumer leaves. Its morning, kaveri says amrit isn’t right here. Naman says even randhir isn’t here. She asks wherein can they pass. Amrit involves the radio station. Randhir says we took the studio on rent for the entire day, come. He takes her. Kaveri comes to nalini. She says amrit and randhir aren’t here. Vashma comes. Kaveri scolds her and asks her to move. Vashma asks nalini to hear the radio, randhir wishes to say something special. Nalini hears randhir on the radio. Randhir introduces amrit as ranjhan. He says amrit will inform her tale to you all. Vashma says randhir wishes nalini to pay attention it. Nalini stops kaveri. Amrit is going on air. Vashma smiles listening to her. Uday is at the tea stall. He also hears her at the radio. Amrit says i m here due to randhir, i got a new tale, its approximately a woman who has given her happiness to others, who always took her responsibilities. She tells approximately nalini’s hardships. Nalini cries. Amrit says i need to inform that mother that she nevertheless has two kids even now, her son isn’t together with her, however she has a daughter, who loves her lots, i want to preserve herself in her daughter’s vicinity and spot, she might also help the truth. Nalini, kaveri and vijender listen amrit on the radio.

Amrit says i am hoping this story receives fulfilled with the mom and daughter’s union. She cries. Vashma says randhir has despatched this letter for you. Nalini reads it… we want to inform you some thing on the temple, meet us at the temple, its imp which you come there, we will watch for you. Randhir offers water to amrit. Amrit says i in no way idea that i’m able to express my opinions in the front of anybody at the radio, i will’t consider it. He says nalini will come to fulfill us, we are able to tell her everything. Kaveri says i can get water for you. She signs vijender. Kaveri says randhir would tell her about amrit and him. They see nalini long gone.

randhir says amrit and i’ve a natural relation, i understand her for the reason that we stayed in lahore, i really like her, we had got engaged. Amrit says sure, we have been going to get married. Nalini gets shocked.


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