Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with randhir says i feel some magic took place. He sings dil par hua aisa jadoo… and dances with amrit. She smiles. She says we are able to be becoming dad and mom, fear also makes a place along with happiness, like physician said i can’t conceive, i m concerned for our baby, i don’t realize why that health practitioner lied. He says i m right here, the whole lot might be great, come. They leave. Uday involves the palace and asks for amrit and randhir. Servant says they didn’t come. Mohan comes and asks what are you doing here.

Uday says its my sister’s sasural, i will come every time, i have to give an awesome information, docs stated that vashma is getting pleasant, once she gets conscious, so i used to be finding them, she changed into going to tell me something. Mohan worries. Uday looks at him and asks are you first-class. Mohan says sure. Kaveri says how are you presently, randhir and amrit went out, i experience horrific for you, i think amrit is hiding a few mystery. Nalini asks her to mention simply.

Kaveri says they have been talking approximately a few paper, he informed amrit that she did right to cover the paper from nalini and throw it in bin,

hat’s the secret, you should find out, anyhow you received’t do that, you’re sick, i can go away now. She goes and smiles. Nalini thinks why is it taking place. She is going and tests the bin. She receives a letter. Kaveri comes and says you probably did right to return and test, what’s written at the paper. Nalini says its veer’s letter. She reads… i attempted to tell you given that a long time, randhir is giving me a few pills, my anger receives high and i behave surprisingly, i m glad to meet my brother,

but i remorse that he’s greedy for the throne, i need to fulfill you in non-public, maintain this depend to your self. She cries and recalls veer. Vijender comes. She gives him the letter. He reads it. He asks what, how can randhir do that, what turned into veer going to inform you. Randhir and amrit meet the woman physician. He says you had advised us that amrit can by no means conceive.
Physician says sure, she had inner injuries. He says she is pregnant, congrats. Physician says congrats, i can simply come. Amrit asks why did you mislead us, tell us the reality. Doctor says i informed that myself after the checkup, occasionally medical doctor also makes a mistake. Randhir says you didn’t ask us to take a 2d opinion, i realize you lied that time or even now you’re lying, i can print this news in the newspaper tomorrow, i can request the clinical association to grab your license, we are able to exit and tell anybody. Health practitioner says stop, someone out of your circle of relatives told me to do all this. They ask who, kaveri. Physician says sure. Randhir asks her now not to say this to all and sundry.

She says sure. Kaveri says veer died in that jashan. Vijender asks is that aspect authentic, regardless of the thief informed us. Kaveri says sure, a stranger came and have become pa right here, his lover turned into staying right here as your bahu, they met after which she proves that pa changed into your misplaced son, then they made veer unwell by means of drugging him, then the fireplace incident inside the jashan,

i hope i m wondering incorrect. Nalini cries. She says i want to analyze the matter. He says i realize what to do. Amrit says i suppose kaveri doesn’t want you to stay with nalini, she has some large reason. Randhir says enough, i want to bring out the reality in front of nalini, i don’t need kaveri to get time and harm her more. He asks health practitioner to include them and tell their mum approximately kaveri. He says our happiness is incomplete without our mum, please, say reality, a broken family will be a part of again. Medical doctor apologizes.

She says i can repair the entirety, wait here, i’m able to just come. Amrit asks will we get our happiness nowadays, will nalini bless us. He says definitely. She says then we will take sweets for nalini, we ought to deliver her accurate information. He says sure, you stated it proper. They smile.

nalini slaps randhir. She asks vijender to throw out randhir and amrit from the palace. She says kaveri issues for me, she gave me a evidence. Amrit asks what proof. Karam comes there.


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