Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with randhir saying i hope that mum will understand us and hug us. Amrit asks do you watched she will be able to try this. Randhir says sure, she can without a doubt try this. Nalini says i m going to meet them on the temple. Vijender asks will you forgive them for helping vashma. Nalini says sometimes we also make mistakes, we need to convey them to right direction, now not depart them. Kaveri says i can come at the side of you. Nalini says i can wait within the car, come. She goes. Kaveri argues with vijender. She says its approximately time, we must play the right circulate at the right time. She tells the plan. He says amazing. Vashma does her paintings. Manav comes there to get goodies. He asks for chocolates.

She asks him to request for chocolates. He says i don’t understand requesting, i simply command. She asks him to smile and talk. He asks her for chocolates. She gives him chocolates. She says uday used to play hockey considering that early life. She hugs him. He is taking the goodies container from her. She sees a few mark on his brow. She recalls her son kabir. She sees sumer once more. She thinks what is he doing with mohan, he had stolen my son. Randhir and amrit are at the manner. Randhir says nalini will definitely come. Kaveri thinks naman should do what paintings i instructed him. She asks nalini to preserve persistence. She thinks naman might have sent goons to randhir and amrit. The goons forestall randhir at the manner. Naman signs and symptoms them to trap amrit. The goons catch amrit. Amrit shouts for assist. Goons beat up randhir. Amrit runs into the jungle. The goons try and misbehave. She slaps the man. Randhir beats the men. He hears amrit shouting. He looks for her. The person pours water on amrit. Randhir comes and beats the men. Naman appears on from far. Sumer says manav has reached the palace, i want cash before i’m going. Mohan says take the money, don’t show your money right here, you shouldn’t tell anybody that manav isn’t my son, you’ve got stolen him from a female and given him to me. Vashma receives greatly surprised. She says it way this man has offered the child to mohan, mohan and bindu sold my kabir. Mohan says get lost, we don’t realize every different from now.

Vashma says it approach manav is my son, my kabir. She smiles. She says that’s why he had this mark on his head. She leaves. Mohan thinks did vashma pay attention the entirety, if every person knows that manav isn’t a royal blood, no, i ought to prevent her. She says i’m able to give this right news to uday first. She calls the neighbor and asks him to call uday. Uday takes the call. He says i must supply an awesome information, we won the fit, i were given a terrific medal for you, come home. Vashma says i’ve a bigger news, you may get mad. He asks what’s it. She says our son, our kabir, i discovered him, sumer offered him to mohan, manav is our kabir. Uday doesn’t pay attention her. Mohan cuts the cellphone wire. He says speak to me. Kaveri sees randhir’s call. She says that’s randhir’s automobile, we will pass and spot. They go to see. Naman symptoms kaveri. They see randhir with amrit. Nalini receives irritated. Kaveri creates a drama. She says i instructed you that this girl is trapping randhir, i had doubted on her man or woman. She says randhir is her devar. Nalini says randhir, you each need to be ashamed. Randhir says you are misunderstanding. Kaveri says we’ve seen your vehicle there and came here, else we would have not acknowledged some thing. Randhir says goons stopped our car, they tried to molest amrit. Nalini scolds amrit for trapping randhir.

He says give me a hazard to provide an explanation for, goons attacked us. Kaveri asks where are the goons, we will’t see anybody, you are making a story, you acquire caught red-handed. Randhir asks what did you notice here. Kaveri says examine her kingdom, leave it, what shall i say now, that’s why you have been having a relation of pain together with her. Amrit says prevent it bua ji, you’re saying loads with out understanding the truth. Nalini asks what’s the fact. Randhir says reality is… kaveri says truth is, this girl is characterless and grasping, she wants the cash and luxury. Randhir says prevent it, earlier than i forget about you are my dad’s sister. He says sure, amrit and i’ve a relation of births. He holds amrit’s hand. He says our relation haven’t any dirt, its natural like gangajal, i understand amrit since we stayed in lahore, i loved her, we had got engaged, we had been going to get married, however the partition separated us. Nalini gets taken aback.

Precap: mohan runs after vashma. She writes a letter. Amrit says randhir and i love each other. Randhir says i need to marry amrit.


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