Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubhra says I knew you killed my baba. Why? What did you do? You killed my dad, took my mom’s existence and my kids’ grand dad. I will now no longer leave. My baba will simplest get peace whilst you visit the jail. Shubhra says supply me the phone, I will name the police. HArsh says nobody will name the police. Shubhra says what are you saying? He says I commenced this sport and I will quit it. None people will name. Samaira goes to a small kingdom and begin a brand new existence with Anand and Vedika. She will supply all her wealth to Kuldeep and express regret to everyone. Shubhra says are you crazy? She killed my dad. I don’t need her money. He says consider me. Let me do what I need. Understand what I am saying. He offers the papers to Samaira and says signal it. Samaira symptoms and symptoms them. Shubhra says what has happened? He says we were given her gaurantee that she won’t do one of these damage again. She’s crazy. I don’t care and also you shouldn’t either. Tomorrow may be a one-of-a-kind day.

Scene 2
Shubhra says is it critical to cross? Kuldeep says any new female friend in New Zealand. He says I deliberate it lengthy ago. Things need to occur on proper time. Life actions on. My new existence is watching for me. New Zealand is name me. Shubhra says you appearance one-of-a-kind. Is there something you recognize and don’t wanna inform us? There need to be a closure. He says I actually have this video evidence that Samaira killed your dad. Shubhra involves him. He says a few reality kill us forever. I don’t need you to look this. Shubhra says to procure this evidence and allow her cross? This need to visit police. He says this evidence will constantly live with me. I actually have determined to provide her a 12 months. I need to look if Vedika can get her mom and Anand can get his wife? Shubhra says what approximately my dad? Kuldeep says he need to get justice. Harsh says don’t you need Vedika to get her mom? The mom is her has emerge as alive with Vedika. If she does something incorrect in a 12 months with everybody, this evidence will cross the police. And then Samair will visit the jail. Don’t assume just like the daughter who misplaced her dad however a mom whose duaghter desires her. Can you overlook your past?

Scene 3
Chandrani says some thing smells so good. Madhura says wonder for you. She brings punjabi food. She says I noticed the films online. They experience the samosas collectively. MAdhura says how are the kids? Do they leave out me. Chandrani says they may come to fulfill you each weekend. Madhura says it will likely be fun. Chandrani says now we are able to stay each moment. MAdhura says I in no way had an awesome buddy like you. Chandrani says I had many buddies however they all have been constantly complaining. I in no way determined everybody natural like you.

Scene 4
Samaira receives ready. She involves Shubhra with Harsh. Samaira says hi. Vedika hugs her. Samaira says mama is right here to provide you a wonder. Let me display you. She indicates her a paper and says those are aircraft tickets. You me, and your dad we’re going a long way farfar from right here. We will stay collectively like a own circle of relatives. Anand leaves in anger. Kuldeep says please listen. He says who’re you to determine for my existence? Shubhra says reflect onconsideration on Vedika. She’s so happy. We aren’t forcing you. Roli says ultimately you appearance cool aunty. Anand agrees. He says to Vedika we are able to constantly live with you. He says allow’s cross. Samaira offers the mangalsutra to Shubhra and says Kuldeep is simplest yours. She offers it to Kuldeep. Kuldeep makes Shubhra put on it again. Samaira says sorry for everything. She hugs Shubhra. Samaira says I am leaving. Vedika hugs Rishi and Roli and that they leave.

Scene 5
Shubhra and Kuldeep come to the office. They do arti. They experience their time with Chandrani adn Madhura. Shubhra joins the business. Kuldeep locks deals. They come to fulfill Chandrani adn Madhura and all of them experience their own circle of relatives time. Kuldeep teases Shubhra. They deal with their personnel like own circle of relatives. Vitthal takes their own circle of relatives photos.

Show ends.


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