Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira says so I will take you from yourself. Not air between us. Kuldeep says nobody will divide us. Samaira embraces him. Roli comes in and says dad I am so languid. She gets on the bed. Kuldeep says we have a ton of work to do. Light would remain on. Would you be able to lay down with Biji? Roli says however guarantees you will give frozen yogurt tomorrow? Samaira says guarantee. Roli leaves. Samaira says bless your heart. She embraces him. He says anything for my sovereign.

Scene 2

Rishi gets together and says aai milk. Shubhra says this is for Rishi and aai. How about we drink. She says quick. Shubhra snaps their picture and says how about we send it to Roli. Rishi leaves when he finishes. Shubhra says Doctor Harsh will satisfy you. Your old grin will return.

Chandrani picks the jug. Roli comes in. Chandrani conceals it. She says Roli? Is it safe to say that you aren’t laying down with father? Roli says he sent me and said we have a great deal of work. Light would remain on. Chandrani says what a pardon. Roli says what are you saying? Chandrani says I suffer a heart attack. Roli chuckles. She goes out and says don’t be terrified without me. Chandrani says on the off chance that I get terrified I will likewise come there. roli chuckles.

Shubhra reviews Harsh made statements that upset him should avoid him. Shubhra removes Kuldeep’s photographs from the house.

Samaira lights candles. Kuldeep locks the entryway. He approaches Samaira. Kuldeep takes Samaira to the bed. Roli comes in. Kuldeep and Samaira are stunned and off-kilter. Kuldeep says Roli? What was the deal? Roli grins and says Samaira aunt I can’t rest without you. If it’s not too much trouble, make me lay down with you. I love your aroma. She embraces Samaira. Roli embraces her and says I love embracing you. I wanna lay down with you. Please, dad. Samaira says I love laying down with you too. Allow me to make you rest. Roli lays close to Roli. She’s furious and says I can’t allow Roli to divide us. I will not allow myself to become Shubhra.

Chadnrani beverages and says cheers Chadha ji. I won this round. She snickers. Roli nods off. Samaira gets off from the bed. Kuldeep is resting also. Samaira says I didn’t need air among us and now this Roli. I’m not Shubhra. I’m Samaira. Samaira brings water and spills it on the bed close to Roli. Samaira kills the light and says goodness God. Kuldeep asks what was the deal? She says it’s all wet. I think Roli peed on the bed. Kuldeep says she never does that. How might that occur? It is safe to say that she is alright? Kuldeep says Roli get up. Kuldeep takes Roli to Chadnrani and says let me ask dadi to put on something else. You lay down with dadi. He leaves Roli in Chandrani’s room.

Kuldeep says sorry Samaira. She says we can rest on this lounge chair. He says isn’t it little? He says I can rest in the lobby. she says when you are close uneasiness is solace. She embraces him and rests. Kuldeep says let me turn off the light. Samaria says I realize how to keep my accomplice in my grasp. I will not neglect Kuldeep from my hands ever.

Scene 3

Shubhra reviews what the uncle said. She embraces Rishi. Rishi says aai.. For what reason did this happen to me? My aai.. My aai doesn’t surrender. She’s the most grounded. She can do anything. My aai is ideal. Shubhra says my solidarity is inside me. Much obliged to you for making me solid Rishi. She sees her bangle. Shubhra considers selling it. She says I will begin making adornments by selling mine. I will not ask anybody.

Precap-Chandrani asks Kuldeep how long have you know Roli? Does she at any point pee on the bed? Samaira shows a photograph of Roli and Chandrani and Roli to Phirki and says you need to assault today. Unforgiving gets back home. Rishi says hello Harsh uncle. He says I am your aai’s companion yet don’t call me uncle. I have a kid’s heart like you. Call me Harsh.


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