Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubhra says to Vedika you’ll get the whole lot you want. You must visit sleep. Where do you wanna sleep? Both Anand and Samaira each say with me. Vedika says with mama. Samaira says you must additionally visit your private home and sleep. Shubhra says your accomplice is with you, you may sleep. But I don’t understand in which is my Kuldeep. I will look ahead to him right here. Samaira says what? Shubhra says I will depart as soon as he’s right here. Vedika says mama come please. Samaira is going to her room. Shubha asks Anand why are you right here? I understand it’s now no longer becaue of Vedika best. Anand says I hate her adn the reality that she’s close to my daughter. SHubhra says you’ve got got been her father and mother. you observed she will be able to overlook you in more than one days? This is only a phase. There will best be possibilities. Either you each will come to be collectively or.. Anand says or I will kill her. Shubhra says you’ll lose Vedika all the time adn visit prison. Go home, Vedika will come to you. Anand says will Samaira allow Vedika come to me?

Kuldeep comes and says no. samaira won’t allow Vedika exit of her sign. Samaira says so that you are right here? Is this a pleasant sleepover right here? Kuldeep says to Shubhra you must cross home. Shubhra says won’t you come? He says no. Samaira says bad you. Shubhra hugs Kuldeep and says it’s a part of married lifestyles. you won’t understand it. Your love isn’t yours. Your husband isn’t your both now. You are usually 1/2 of cherished best or a quarter. she leaves. Kuldeep says I am right here, happy? Samaira says I don’t care. Kuldeep says Anand cross and sleep in my room. You must be with Vedika. I will sleep anywhere. Happy family. Samaira is going to her room in anger. Kuldeep says to Vedika there’s a brand new plan. You don’t should kill samaira. Stay right here. Samaira may be distracted in case you are right here and we can put together for her to visit prison.

Scene 2
The subsequent morning, Kuldeep sees the tickets. He says I in no way idea she is so severe with this plan. Samaira performs with Vedika. She says allow’s have breakfast. Samaira makes Vedika devour. Vedika ignores Anand. He is uspet. Shubhra asys could you devour bread? VEdika says papa byskip butter to mama. Anand offers it to samaira. Anand coughs. Vedika says mama deliver him water. Anand takes him himself. Anand says allow’s exit and watch a film. Vedika says will mama come too? Kuldeep comes in. He says there’s a huge news. My tickets are booked for Dubai. For me and Samaiara best. We are going collectively. Only us. Everything is done. We should depart in 10 days. Samaira says what rubbish. Kuldeep says the agent informed me you booked the tickets for each folks best. Vedika receives angry. Samaira says Vedika listen. She leaves.

Shubhra comes with children. Samaira says Vedika is low. Why are you right here? Shubhra says she known as her friends. All children will cross for film with Anand. The children hug Vedika. Samaira says he placed a rift among me and Vedika and taking part in together along with his children. Samaira says hug your dad however after that he’s leaving for Dubai in 10 days. He’s gonna depart you all. Just me and your papa. roli says honestly mama? Papa is leaving us? Rishi says won’t be ever come back? Kuldeep informed the plan to Shubhra. She stated Samaira will assault you back. Kuldeep stated I even have to inform Vedika. The children cross internal disillusioned. Samaira is going internal as well.

Anand says I am taking all children outside. I will contend with Rishi and Roli like Shubhra took care of Vedika. You all can resolve your problems. Only 10 days are left. You should persuade the children as well. Anand says to the children we could cross for film. The children are disillusioned and say we don’t wanna cross anywhere. Roli says we’re mad in any respect elders. Roli says please cross from her euncle. Roli says I informed you your mama is bad. She’s gonna depart you and taking our dad together along with her as well. Your mother is a witch. You known as her nice? See. She’s gonna depart you. You broke friendship with us as well. Rishi says she is sad, don’t say that. Don’t fight. Everything may be fine. Aai will restore the whole lot. Roli says our mama is the best. VEdika says our mama is the best.

Shubhra says to Samaira had been tickets expensive? Did you purchase the house? You would possibly should cancel it. Samaira says best I understand my plans. I will take Kuldeep with me. Shubhra says now my plan will work. Your sins won’t be included anymore. Stop dreaming of taking Kuldeep, you may’t even take your self out of this country. Your recreation is over. You are baba’s murderer. You would possibly kill a variety of people. Samaira says visit your kitchen. Don’t deliver me faux threats. Shubhra places a knife on her and says I can kill you too. Samaira says I will ship you to prison for strive of murder. Shubhra says I can do a opt to this international through killing you.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shubhra says Kuldeep is my lifestyles and I won’t allow him visit Duabi. Even in case you take him there, I will come there myself. Not even demise can element us. Harsh comes there..


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