Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 22th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harsh says Anand would possibly have stated you hate her and by no means to accept as true with you. Samaira says do you revel in pronouncing it? He says each reality has sides. One yours and one Anand’s. Samaira says I don’t understand has he stated to her. Harsh says why do you care? When did you begin being concerned approximately Vedika? She become by no means for your lifestyles plan. You are going to Dubai with Kuldeep. You are geared up. Samaira says very hasty seeking to ship me to Dubai? Harsh says you had been geared up to move and now Anand stated some phrases to Vedika your basis shook? Samaira says nobody can do that. I will visit Dubai however I want to clean what Anand did. Today.

Scene 2
Shubhra comes home. Roli says Samaira is so horrific. Rishi says she took our pal Vedika took. No one is satisfied. Shubhra says we’re all satisfied. Papa is alos with us. Roli says he’s 1/2 of with us handiest. Rishi says you’ll depart us. Roli says samaira aunty will take you again. Shubhra says in an effort to by no means happen.

Kuldeep says Vedika loves Anand. I don’t understand how this occurred all of a sudden. What did she see in Samaira? Shubhra says a mom. We desired the mom in her to wake up. Kuldeep says Samaira can’t be trusted. We can’t overlook what she has completed to us. Shubhra says you had been additionally with her. Kuldeep says that become my mistake. But she did sins. Baba’s murder, she dealt with you so horrific. SHubhra says I comprehend it all however time isn’t with us. The reality will win.

Scene three
Samaira says to Vedika permit’s order pizza. Anand says Vedika I ordered meals for you already. Papa is aware of what Vedika likes. Papa gets you the whole lot. You understand papa loves you. Vedika says will you ask for forgiveness to mama? Anand says I am sorry Sameera, mom of my daughter. I wn’t say any of that again. Vedika’s papa and mama will continually stya with her. Let’s consume the cake.

Roli says mama I can’t sleep. Can I sleep right here? She says sure. Roli says in which is papa? Shubhra says should be in bathroom. Rishi says he’s not. Shubhra calls Kuldeep. His telecellsmartphone earrings withinside the bed. Shubhra comes out. Kuldeeep enters the residence. The children hug him. Kuldeep says why are you up? Roli says we had been involved for you. Rishi says we concept you left us all and went to Samaira aunty again. He says I will by no means depart you and your mom. Let me make you each sleep.

Kuldeep asks Shubhra what occurred? She hugs him. Shubhra says I become without a doubt scared. Kuldeep says don’t be scared. Anand texted me that he’s moving to Samaira’s residence so he can stay with Samaira. I went to test. I am a touch scared. Shubhra says I desired the same. To reunite their family. Kuldeep says I am involved for Anand. Remember what he stated? anand can get angry. But I checked, the whole lot seemed fine. Shubhra says we can’t be at peace. Something incorrect is gonna happen. We ought to cross and check.

Scene 4
Vedika watches cartoons with Samaira. Anand knocks and says Vedika.. Vedika says is papa calling? Samaria says no. Anand says VEdika pop out for 2 mins. One precise night time kiss please. Samaira says handiest 10 mins film is left. Leave after it’s completed. Samaira turns up the volume. Vedika says permit me deliver him a great night time kiss. He should be lacking me. Samaira says k however come returned fast. Mama loves you. Vedika involves Anand. She offers him a kiss. Anand says why are you arms crossed? You do it whilst you are angry. She says you continually trap it. Anand says I could apprehend you whilst you couldn’t speak. She says however you don’t apprehend now. He says what? Vedika says all children have each their dad and mom. Rishi and Roli were given each their dad and mom returned too. Why can’t we? Am I a horrific girl? That’s why I don’t have a satisfied family? Anand says no you’re a great girl. We are horrific mummy papa. We aren’t precise. He hugs her. Samaira comes there. Anand hugs Vedika and says hassle is someplace else. Every family, everyone’s issues are different.

Bell earrings. Shubhra enters the residence and says Kuldeep.. Samaira says how dare you return back to my residence? Shubhra says I handiest got here to test right here if Kuldeep is right here.. Shubhra sees Anand and says you right here? He says I got here to live with my daughter. Vedika says we three will live together.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kuldeep says my tickets are right here for Dubai. Anand says and you’re satisfied? He says sure due to the fact handiest Samaira and I are going. Vedika receives angry. Samaira says to Roli your dad and I are going to Dubai. Roli says without a doubt mama?


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