Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubhra says how can you’re taking this type of large risk? Anand says I can’t see Vedika sad. I will take her to Sameera. Kuldeep says I apprehend you. I even have visible Roli. She changed into continually with me. You can take her there, however I may also come. We will each shield Vedika. Anand says if she attempts to damage Vedika I will kill her and visit jail. You each can contend with her. Shubhra says not anything like that might happen. Be careful. Her days to win are over. Come lower back soon.

Scene 2
Samaira says Phirki order the food. Vedika comes there. She says mama.. Samaira seems at Kuldeep and Anand. samaira says you have been long past all night time and now lower back with these? And Anand why are you right here? He says Vedika desired to live with you. Samaira says she will be able to meet me however live? Kuldeep says she’s a kid. She can ask to live together along with her mother. Or you could say no to her? Break her heart. Samaira says ok Vedika can live right here for per week however you can’t. Anand says we are able to live right here so long as she is. You can’t even hold her for a day. Samaira says need to I take her to Dubai? Anand says live to your limits. She says pass get indignant elsewhere. Samaira says Vedika.. mama needs you to stay together along with her. Vedika hugs her and says I need to live with you too mama. I leave out you. samaira says I leave out you too. Vedika suggests her drawings. She says that is you, me and papa.

Kuldeep is going isnide. He says Phirki open the door. I am right here, not anything will happen. Just say reality to the police. Phirki says she can be able to kill me. I won’t come out. Kuldeep says not anything will happen.

Vedika says permit’s play domestic domestic. Samaira says what’s that? Anand says how could you realize? Samaira says inform me Vedika. Vedika says you each lay, I will lay among you . When alarm blares, you may get me equipped for school. Anand says do you even recognize what domestic is? You can in no way a mom to her. Samaira says don’t do that drama in the front of her. You have been so irresponsible. He says you have been selfish. You have been in no way an amazing companion or mom. Vedika says sufficient papa. Mama is correct. You lie. All which you stated approximately mama changed into a lie. I love mama. She hugs Samaira. Vedika says a mom such as you handiest creates troubles in her existence. You can in no way be a mom. You handiest do drama. Vedika says now no longer anymore papa. You continually bitch approximately mama.

Anand says sufficient. I will lock you. She says as a minimum I may be locked with my mama. Anand says sufficient in which changed into mama while you have been a kid? Let’s pass domestic. Vedika says no.. mama please forestall him. Samaira says are you crazy? Will you lock her up? Is that the way you improve children? He says don’t inform me how need to I improve my children? Samaira says you’re a terrible father. You have poisoned her thoughts in opposition to me. You scare her with the aid of using locking her? You made me evil in the front of her. Is that how an amazing father is? He says in which have been you in her developing years? Samaira says what did you do? You have scared her.. Vedika receives a panic attack. Kuldeep says VEdika.. He alternatives her. Anand says to Samaira I won’t can help you be with Vedika.

Scene 3
Kuldeep says Anand couldn’t you control? She’s a kid. You each lashed out in the front of her. Shubhra says she’s with the children. She will experience higher however she’s upset. Anand says whilst Vedika was stubbron I could lock her and he or she could be ok. Now Sameera is the usage of her magic on my children? Shubhra says you lock her withinside the room? How are you able to do that? Kuldeep says now Samaira will use this factor in opposition to you.

Shubhra says have you ever ever examine her eyes? She seems scared. You can’t scare children. Anand says I did what I felt changed into right. I in no way desired her to name Sameera her mother. Shubhra says I additionally raised my children on my own however I didn’t need them to hate their dad. You can’t scare Vedika farfar from her mother. Anand says are you taking Sameera’s side? She broke your house. She ruined my existence. Shubhra says I keep in mind everything. But a toddler desires each their parents. The greater you try and distance her from her mother, she can be able to pass in opposition to you. Anand asys I won’t permit samaira’s shadow on her.

what’s going to she study from her mother? To cheat? Have extramarital affairs? When she grows up she can be able to apprehend why I saved her farfar from her mother. If she doesn’t need to speak to me it’s ok. You each can contend with her. I don’t have anything to worry. Kuldeep says you could’t run away. Be together along with her. SHubhra says how lengthy are you able to hold her farfar from Samaira? Anand says so long as I can. I will ship Samaira farfar from her existence and your existence too. Even if i must stay relaxation of my existence in jail. He leaves.

Scene 4
The children play with Vedika to cheer her up. Vedika is upset. She says I desired to be with mama however papa rbought me right here. I need to move lower back to her. Why are you each searching at me like that? Roli says says she’s ravan aunty. She’s very bad. She locked Rishi in store. We got here lower back and don’t leave out her. Vedika throws teddy at her and says don’t name my mother Ravan aunty. Roli says due to the fact she is.

She’s a witch. Rishi says forestall it Roli. Roli says I am now no longer wrong. She has harm you a lot. Papa slapped you due to that ravan aunty. She can in no way be a mother. our mama is a mother. Vedika says close up. Don’t say a phrase in opposition to my mother. Roli says I will. My mama is 100/100. Vedika says and my mother? Rishi says 10/100. Roli says our mother is a great mother. You mother is evil. Vedika says my mama is best. Don’t say a phrase in opposition to her. I will in no way communicate to each of you. They fight. Vedika shoves Roli.

Kuldeep and Shubha are available in to calm them down. Shubhra says Rishi Roli forestall it. Rishi says Roli changed into calling Samaira aunty bad. Shubhra says who requested you to compare? She’s a visitor right here and also you each harm her? She says sorry Vedika. Kuldeep says you realize she’s upset. Shubhra says she changed into joking. Roli says no she’s evil. Samaira aunty lies and he or she locked Rishi. She could be very bad. She doesn’t love anyone. Shubhra says sufficient. Go in your room. Roli says sure or no? Is she correct or bad? If she is correct, I may be like her. Shubhra says Roli..

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira says in case you couldn’t make me cry you’re making my daughter cry? She will include me. Shubhra says Anand left her with me. You can’t take her. Samaira says inform him her mother took her. Shubhra says you could’t go along with her Vedika. Vedika says I will go along with mama. Mama roli known as you bad. Samaira says now you notice how I avenge my daughter’s tears.


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