Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

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scene 1
kuldeep beverages and remembers shubhra with harsh. The waiter says sir please, the bar is closed. Harsh comes there and says sorry you’re overdue. Kuldeep grasps his collar and realizes it’s the waiter. Kuldeep sees him everywhere.

Scene 2
shubhra says to harsh thanks for coming to our party. He says no thanks in friendship. She says i’ve seen the movie as properly however we aren’t pals. He says we aren’t enemies either. Thank you for letting me come. I concept you would have a bouncer. Felt satisfied to see you satisfied and be part of your party and meet your circle of relatives. Shubhra says i’m satisfied. Shubhrasays will you enhance a invoice as a session for this birthday celebration? He says after assembly your dad, i don’t wanna get beaten by using him. Human beings don’t see what they’ve as opposed to what they don’t. You’re very fortunate. You’ve got extraordinary parents, kids like roses. What’s lacking on your existence? Shubhra says i didn’t know your family.. He says leaping to conclusions? We celebrated my parent’s fortieth anniversary. Shubhra says i’m sorry. He says no sorry. Rishi and roli are very distinctive however i see you in both of them. Shubrha says you grow to be buddies with the youngsters so easily. He says adults disguise and lie, kids don’t.

Shubhra says while are you introducing your children? Or have you not deliberate a circle of relatives yet? He says i have to devise a wedding before circle of relatives. Shubhr says you’re nevertheless unmarried why? He says a wedding isn’t a ritual for me. It’s a lifelong commitment for me. After lots of marriage counseling, i’ve figured that you should suppose before entering into marriage no longer being hasty. Shubhra says you’re right. A touch little bit of hurry ruins such a lot of lives, so many days and nights. I’ve had nights like these hardly ever inside the previous couple of years. In which i’ve smiled without any stress. He says with the aid of pressure do you imply your husband? He says relationships are alleged to be a bond, no longer a strain. If a relationship turns into a stress you should learn to stay with out it. Yoú are studying that artwork so nicely. Shubhra smiles.

Scene three
kuldeep hits the pillars and says shubhra you are a cheater. You called me a cheater but you are a cheater. You are sporting mangalsutra and sindur of my call and have someone else in your coronary heart? He knicks at a door and says answer me. A woman opens. He says sorry. He says please name shubhra. She says there’s no shubhra right here, wander away. Kuldeep says open the door. The manager comes there and says sir we can name the police if you disturb our guests. Harsh seems at the and says how can knowledgeable humans to act and drink irresponsibly like this? They don’t care approximately their households. Alcoholics are a burden on their familuies. Shubhra is silent. He says their youngsters war due to them. Shubhra nods.

Scene four
absolutely everyone is at the breakfast table. Rishi says i’m able to go with harsh for soccer practice. Shubhra says he should be busy. Rishi says he stocks the whole lot with me. He will come, we planned it. Shubhra says consume first. He says i want french toast. Rishi is going to get it. Narain says harsh lightened up the birthday celebration. Madhura says truly. Naraina ays the children are so happy. Chandrani says all and sundry is appreciating harsh. Who is he? Rishi said he’s your buddy. Shubhra says it’s a long tale biji. Harsh is rishi’s physician and therapist. I didn’t tell him that. We instructed him we’re pals. I simply met him throughout the treatment. Chandrani says you probably did right. Chandrani receives satisfied. She says i will tell kuldeep harsh is a doctor. He thinks something else. He will realize and might be all okay. However it makes me happy. He’s jealous, which means that shubhra continues to be in his heart. She leaves. Kuldeep involves the table. He says correct morning gokles.

They’re greatly surprised. Kuldeep says precise morning mrs. Chadha. Shubhra says you right here? He says why? Become this chair for a person else? He says gokle sahab you planned such a massive birthday party on your daughter’s achievement the day past and didn’t invite me? Not truthful. You all loved a lot, specifically you shubhra. With your new pal, is he buddy only or is he more than that? Gambling inside the palms. Shubhra smiles. He says wow you’re smiling. Ought to i congratulate you for your success or for having a new partner in existence? Shubhra says you may do whatever you need. Whi can forestall you. Gokle says stay away from my daugther and my family. Get out of here. Kuldeep sits there and says why must i go? Your daughter found my substitute? My kids are playing papa papa with him and your daughter planned it. And i should get out? Wow. I heard about your standards, now not double standards. He says in case you say a word against my daughter i will cut your tongue. Kuldeep says chill out. Your sugar and bp will shoot. What i did turned into incorrect? Your daughter is doing the equal and it’s accurate. How is that truthful? He says it’s not your well worth to recognize my daughter. Madhura says relax. Shubhra says baba take a seat, please. You celebrated my new life the day past. So permit me combat for my new life myself. Don’t say anything to him. He’s now not worth it. Kuldeep says i am not worth it?

Then why are you carrying this mangalsutra of my call? Why is your circle of relatives so happy for having a brand new guy to your lifestyles? I stepped in advance with a woman for 2 steps and i was abused and she can fall in arms, she’s celebrated? Madhura says enough. You’re still our sil regrettably but you could’t insult our daughter like this. She is your spouse however our daughter and mother to our grandkids. Kuldeep says shubhra’s aai. You’re proper. The youngsters you’re talking approximately are mine. I’m their father. How can a father see his wife in every other guy’s arms? My blood might boil seeing their snap shots being concerned with any other man. Before my children start calling some other guy their father i must query my spouse. Chandrani comes there. Shubhra says you want an answer proper? He says of route. Shubhra says i won’t answer you for any question ever. Do you some thing you need. You need to realize the purpose why? Because you don’t need to query me. Get out of right here before i name the safety. You could do whatever you want. Hold this dust on your mind and lifestyles, now not in my lifestyles. There was a time when i cared what you think of me. However now, recognize as soon as and for all i don’t care what you think. She leaves. Rishi appears at kuldeep in anger.

Scene five
rishi runs out in anger. He cries. Harsh sees rishi. He involves rishi. Harsh says my buddy is crying. Permit me ask the rishi in my coronary heart. He’s pronouncing he doesn’t need to play soccer. Rishi sobs. He says i am sorry harsh. I don’t need to play football. Harsh says it’s okay. There’s no such rule. What do you need to do? Rishi cries loudly. Harsh says need to cry? There may be no such rule that you may’t cry if you’re harm. Rishi says yes i need to cry and shout. Harsh says you could cry for your pal’s shoulder. Cry, do whatever your heart says. Rishi hugs harsh and cries. Harsh says what made you cry? Rishi says why does papa come? Why does he annoy us? He hurts aai plenty. I hate anyone who hurts aai. I gained’t let papa harm my aai. Harsh says i’m your buddy, so i promise you, we can both guard your aai. Will now not let each person hurt her. I promise.

Episode ends.


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