Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Rishi tells Chandrani that Aaji continues to reprove us nowadays, you should return home. Chandrani says she is during these time yet she cherishes you a great deal. I need to remain here for your dad. Rishi says I am solid so I will battle with wrong. Chandrani says you don’t need to battle to be solid. Rishi asks where is Phirki? I will show her my solidarity. Chandrani says Phirki isn’t anywhere near. She thinks where is Phirki nowadays/Kuldeep and Shubhra come there. Sam comes there and frowns at her. Shubhra requests that Sam not be stunned, we were not out on the town. Chandrani asks how was your first day of work? Shubhra says on the off chance that you favor me, it’s not possible for anyone to foul up. Chandrani gets some information about Madhura.

Shubhra says Sam remains here so she didn’t come. Sam says your children were saying you will be rich, did you get a lottery? Shubhra says I am not covetous with regards to cash, I need to procure regard with my work. Sam says you think you are a money manager with your little startup? Shubhra says I am dealing with my baba’s business likewise, I am conceived rich, my baba buckled down in the development business. I will satisfy my baba’s fantasies as you most likely are aware how obstinate I am. Kuldeep returned to me on account of my hardheadedness. You have an advertisement office so you can deal with my business promotions, you can take an arrangement to meet me. Kuldeep grins. Sam exhaust out of resentment. Shubhra takes her children from that point. Kuldeep grins at Sam.

Sam says that modest lady was offering and you were quiet? she thinks my promotion organization works with private ventures? How could she offer me? Kuldeep says same difference either way. She made her startup work and presently she is entering another business, you should work with ladies like her. Sam says you think Shubhra is a money manager? She has no information. Kuldeep says on the off chance that you are not intrigued, fine however my organization will pitch for Shubhra. I will open my organization and she is my significant other so she will trust me. You realize I find fruitful ladies appealing. Sam says Shubhra can never be a finance manager.

I offered her this chance by killing her dad and afterward she got his will. Kuldeep frowns at her and says I knew it. What did you say? Sam says I am not a recorder. Kuldeep snatches her and requests that she rehash it. He breaks a container and says I will cut your face in the event that you don’t rehash it. Sam gets frightened and says I will rehash it. Kuldeep makes here video when Sam says I killed Shubhra’s dad, that is what you needed to hear right? Kindly don’t beat me. Beeji kindly don’t beat me, I didn’t do anything. How might you beat me when I am your significant other.. She says you needed my admission, did you get it? She cuts her hand and says I am a boss of this game so don’t play with me. She takes his telephone and calls the police. Kuldeep is dazed.

Scene 2

Kuldeep and Chandrani are brought to the police headquarters due to Sam’s grievance. Sam lets the examiner know that this man undermined me and presently mishandling me with his mom. Shubhra comes there and asks Kuldeep what was the deal? The assessor calls her and shows her Kuldeep’s video where Sam argued to him to not beat her. Sam says you can see the injury on me too. The investigator lets Shubhra know that you individuals are catching Sam, I can document a FIR on you moreover.

You have no confirmation except for continue to fault Sam for your dad’s passing. I will keep them on remand now. Kuldeep says let Shubhra and Beeji go, you can keep me here. Sam says my one sign can send them in a correctional facility however I need to allow one more opportunity to Kuldeep. I realize the genuine offender is Shubhra. The controller says I am leaving him once and for all. Sam expresses gratitude toward him and leaves. The controller lets Shubhra know that you can’t record a phony FIR against her.

Shubhra is irate with Kuldeep and says you can’t be furious like this. I’m attempting to settle things however you continue to get caught by Sam. Kuldeep says I am attempting to help you however I can’t. How might I live with you? Shubhra embraces him and says we can’t be each other’s shortcoming, all will be great yet control your annoyance. Kuldeep embraces her.

Shubhra gets back home to see Madhura sitting tight for her. She asks where did you go? You didn’t educate me. Shubhra looks on.

PRECAP – An accomplice meets Shubhra and says I will takeover your dad’s business. Shubhra says this is my dad’s business so I will deal with it. He says you have no information on land, you can’t run it. Shubhra looks on.


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