Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samaira involves Kuldeep. She says pass aside. I want to speak to Phirki. Kuldeep says how will you speak to a person fainted? Samaira says she’s doing a drama. I recognize a way to wake her up. Move aside. Samaira says Phirki rise up.. You idea you may flip me in. They scared you and also you have been gonna take my name? Phirki says the police is after me.. What if I don’t pay attention to you. Samaira says I get you to the prison anyway. I will store myself. Just act insane. Kuldeep says rise up and visit police station. Phirki says police why? Kuldeep says it’s proved you murdered Narain? Phirki says Narain died? When did I come right here from Mumbai. How? Samaira says Phirki take a seat down right here permit me name the doctor.

Harsh comes in. Kuldeep says why are you right here? He says my pal known as. samaira says this Phirki is performing insane. Harsh says she appears insane. THere are loads of insanes right here who name a coronary heart assault a murder. Kuldeep says Phirki confessed that she murdered and she or he will confess who made her do it. Harsh says she’s insane. She desires a doctor. We want to ship her to intellectual asylum. Phirki acts loopy and says I murdered. Harsh says get her medicinal drug and top sleep. THis is inspector Tamay. He’s supporting us. Samaira says they’re pronouncing Phirki killed Narain. She’s mentally unstable. He says there’s no case. She’s insane and they’re forcing her to admit fake. Samaira says Kuldeep transferred 1 lac in her account. Kuldeep says I didn’t do that. It’s my agency account and also you manage it. Inspector says it’s on your name. Harsh says he may have paid her to admit. Harsh and Samaira go.

Scene 2
Phirki says in which am I stuck. My desires on one aspect and Samaira at the other. WHat ought to I do? Kuldeep comes. Phirki acts insane.. She says I killed.. Kuldeep indicates her ordinary video to her. He says I recorded you sane. Don’t pass now. If Samaira loves me and may lure me consider what can she do to you. Who are you to her? She will lure you forever. You have one final threat to store your self and flip her in. Phirki says how can I flip her in? He says Sam transferred 1 lac from my account to you. I recognize she paid this to you to live silent. You ought to ask for greater money. Tell her you’ll inform the police. If you’re hiding this type of huge mystery ask her for residence, automobile and greater money. Phirki says sure such mystery can’t be hidden for thus less. Kuldeep says name her.

Phirki calls samaira. She says didi I idea a lot. 1 lac is simply too less. I need five lacs and deliver me Mumbai residence. I will live right here. I won’t live in servant area I will live in visitor residence. Samaira says ought to I come up with all my wealth. Phirki says how lots is it? Samaira says how dare you call for from me. You’re threatening me? I can inform anybody and Shubhra which you murdered her dad. You will both visit police station or intellectual asylum. Decide in which do you need to head. Phirki is scared. Kuldeep says she’s now no longer afraid of something. You are long gone. You don’t have anything in opposition to her.

Phirki says please store me.. Please. I don’t need to visit prison or intellectual asylum. Please. Kuldeep says you’ve handiest one way. Confess to the police. Phirki says the police will arrest me. Kuldeep says Samaira won’t get to you there. You won’t get an electric powered surprise there. If you’re innocent, you’ll get out subsequently however if you’re a part of the sin you’ll get jailed. Phirki says I am innocent. I didn’t do the murder. Kuldeep says who did it? Phirki says sam. Kuldeep throttles her and says so Samaira killed Shubhra’s father? Phirki says don’t throttle me. Go and throttle Samaira. Kuldeep says how did she? Phirki says I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have helped her. She requested me in the future to visit Shubhra’s dad’s residence as a maid. I didn’t recognize her plan. I saved doing what she stated. One day she got here to the residence because the maid. Phirki tells her how Samaira gave the drugs to Narain and Madhura. Madhura fainted and Narain were given a cardiac arrest. Kuldeep sits down in surprise. Kuldeep says simply due to me, to get me, baba misplaced his life. Phirki says if Samaira reveals out she can be able to kill me. What did I inform him. She says I will lock myself. I won’t are available in the front of Samaira. please store me. She will kill me. Phirki locks herself.

Scene 3
Shubhra offers breakfast to the youngsters. Anand comes with Vedika. Shubhra says come I actually have made breakfast. Vedika is upset. Rishi says come eat. She is going inside. Shubhra asks Anand to are available in. Shubhra asks is all okay? Vedika appears upset. Anand says that’s what I need to speak approximately. Shubhra asks youngsters to head and play with Vedika. He says she’s emerge as stubborn. She desires to visit mama. She continues speaking approximately Sameera. I can’t ship her to that woman. She compares food, buying the whole thing with Samaira. Mama might get me this. Like mama is the whole thing and I am nothing. Shee her faculty project. There’s mama everywhere. Shubhra says she is a kid. She misses her mom. You’re a great dad however you may’t be a mom. Daughters want their mothers. A mom is a daughter’s satisfactory pal. You can’t preserve her farfar from her mom. Anand says Sameera isn’t really well worth being known as mom. I don’t recognize what to do. She desires to visit Sameera over the weekend. When I stated no she stated papa you don’t love me.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira says you may shout and cry.. You had handiest one witness and that’s your dad. But he’s dead. He’s long gone up. He can’t say something nor his ghost. Kuldeep says I can ship you to him. Samaira says I can shoot you in self defence. I actually have films of you being violent. She places a gun on him.


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