‘Kunjhap’ Submitted By The Chief Minister To The Country: Children Are Exploited In Any Way Don’t Cry: Physical, mental, and sexual development of children Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijay said that it should not be exploited in any way. Yan. Child Protection Mobile App of State Women and Child Development Department “Launching of ‘Kunjhap’ and newly appointed Child Welfare Committee Juwanai Inauguration of Special Examination for Justice Board Members in Kova Lam Vellar was managing the Kerala Arts and Craft Village. Minister.

The child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board members are involved in this matter. The activities can be carried out. We have to work together to fight this. Follow the rules related to children in the community. Their duty is to make good citizens of the children who are violated by the mother. La. They are playing a major role in defending the coming generation. The chief minister said.

JJ and SIDA ensure the safety and security of children. The main responsibility of the Bluesy members. Safeguarding children in hazardous situations He is the one who has to take the decision in rehabilitation. Work for the future of children. The examination is done for that.

Govt to make some adjustments in the weight of school-going children’s bags It has been done in schools. But in other schools, the children cannot bear the weight of the bag. It also causes health problems. Those things should also be taken care of.

Do not let anything stop you from doing your duty. Socio-political background and economics of child abusers Don’t own anything that belongs to them. Even if it is the children’s closest or immediate relatives, they should act. Interested parties should also be informed. There will be concern about children who break the law. It may take a radical change to lead them on the right path. JJ and CWC members need to meet that too to function.

Along with providing basic amenities, safety is paramount. and That is why Kaval and Kaval Plus were invented. The Vatsalya scheme has also been introduced by the central and state governments. As part of this, a mobile application called Kunjap was prepared. Form a Rapid Response Team at the district level for reporting cases Accept actions to respond immediately The Chief Minister said.

Governments attach great importance to child protection, welfare, and development. A health woman who presided over the ceremony said that Nyaman is the nurse. Kasana Department Minister Veena George said. Every child is lamentable. Deserves tender care and love. The women and Child Development Department are carrying out the activities accordingly. coming to The best interest of the children has to be protected. In many cases, children’s privacy should be protected.

“Kunjhap’ is useful for both babies and parents. This app has services and protection of children’s rights. If the child becomes violent, the report can also be done. Parenting clinic in every panchayat for better care of babies There is Included in this app. Each subject is very important. The minister also said that there should be interventions without being seen as frivolous.

High Court Judge Justice Shaji P. Chali delivered the keynote speech. M. Vincent MLA, State Child Rights Protection Commission Chairman K. V. Manoj Kumar, UNICEF Kerala-Tamil Nadu Chief of Social Policy KA in Rao and social policy specialist Kumaresan congratulated him. . State Selection Committee Chairman, High Court Former Judge Justice V.K. Mohanan Swagatam and Director of Women’s Child Development Department G. Priyanka also said thank you.


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