Kundali Bhagya

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Sonakshi is truely surprised announcing that she can’t consider karan was in prison, rajat additionally doesnot agree with him however karan mentions that she were given him arrested announcing he turned into flirting with the women, they both are amazed saying that had it been another lady she would have taken his autograph, rajat mentions that he said she is his biggest fan, karan sitting down mentions he stated she is his biggest fan however preeta did not even say it, sonakshi says she could not consider he is ready to be a father, how is he feeling.

Karan mentions that he can’t understand his emotions however is certainly happy because after the news there was an surroundings inside the house that is honestly superb, he doesnot really recognise what the future holds, he is definitely glad he got to marry a person like preeta as she completely changed him and he can live with her for the seven lives, sonakshi doesnot recognize, he explains that it’s miles said that one lives for seven lives, he is aware of he can stay this life with preeta and isn’t sure approximately the subsequent however can sincerely stay it with preeta, sonakshi asks rajat to also take a few instructions from karan just as she is studying from preeta on how to be a wife,

sameer comes exclaiming all of them are right here, karan replies he is going as he needs to be with preeta, rajat also takes their excuse, sonakshi questions sameer what’s he doing here, he replies he was not able to sleep, asking if there’s a garden wherein he can walk. Sonakshi sees aanaya so says she will be able to take him there, explaining she feels aanaya has a crush on him, sameer requests her to now not link him with all people as he’s nice simply the manner he’s, she calls aanaya asking if she will be able to display him to the lawn, explaining to sameer she is excellent if he isn’t always in a relation,

sameer is shocked when sonakshi leaves them each. Karina is in her room when there’s someone on the door, she opens to find sherlin who mentions she needs to talk together with her, sherlin explains that she noticed preeta crying in her room, karina receives concerned announcing that their could have been something incorrect, she also turns to check on preeta but sherlin stops her pronouncing what’s the wrong together with her due to the fact she just took the call of preeta and karina turned, karina asks what is incorrect with her due to the fact preeta is pregnant and in this example every body can get tensed,

sherlin explains that she is aware of preeta isn’t pregnant as whilst a person is pregnant there is a glow on their face, she is not able to see it on preeta’s face as she become crying the complete manner to lonavala, karina questions if she deduced it from the crying questioning if she forgot what the dai maa stated that she might have mood swings, sherlin insists pronouncing that she is aware of preeta isn’t pregnant, karina asks her to go away before she gets mad and says some thing so one can hurt her emotions, sherlin exclaims she is leaving but will return with the proof that preeta is not pregnant, karina gets tensed praying the whole thing be best and preeta could be secure and pregnant. Shristhi is getting geared up in her room,

she is very anxiously expecting the time whilst sarla could sleep and he or she will get to recognize how preeta is, shristhi makes a decision to name sameer, sameer is on foot down whilst shristhi asks how is preeta, he assures her that she is excellent and is resting, he says that he goes to stroll due to the fact he was getting bored, shristhi asks if he could now not sense scared, sameer replies what’s the need to be scared and he is also no longer on my own because aanaya is with him,

she questions who is she, sameer replies that aanaya is the supervisor of the motel, they each would stroll to clean their heads, shristhi asks if he thought approximately her, he replies he continually thinks of her, she asks him to go away and feature amusing, aanaya also calls sameer from behind, he finishing the decision leaves together with her. Shristhi in her room is in reality mad pronouncing that he’s sincerely brave and so went to stroll with the supervisor aanaya. He did not even see her ager,

janki enters the room asking why did she no longer sleep, shristhi replies she become pretty much to sleep, janki mentions that it happens because much like pinki from their neighbour went from her residence to a marriage and did now not return, shristhi says did she die, however janki explains she were given in a relation with a person from the marriage so after a while came back after you have married, shristhi thinks she came returned marrying sameer so shouts,

janki questions what came about, she replies she noticed the mice, janki sitting on the sofa asks wherein is she, how does shristhi recognise, shristhi then sends her away, janki asks her to sleep and now shout even though she sees anything. Karan enters the room, asking preeta why is she now not asleep, he sees tears in her eyes so question why is she crying because she should constantly continue to be happy even supposing she is having the temper swings and must not cry but just continue to be satisfied the complete lifestyles, he asks her to make a deal saying that she could usually start smiling each time she misses him.

Karan is with preeta whilst rajat comes, he apologizes but says that he desires to talk approximately some thing essential with karan, rajat explains that he desired to have a love marriage, he most effective knows the credentials approximately sonakshi but desires to understand the whole lot approximately her, simply likes him and preeta as they may be an ideal couple, karan replies he doesnot trust in nazar but now feels they would must carry out the black tikka, rajat assures he might convey it for them but he have to help him, with the aid of revealing the whole thing, karan after looking at preeta says they would discuss approximately it within the morning, preeta but agrees with rajat announcing karan need to help him now, he leaves but turns and kisses preeta announcing she have to leave out him,

she is honestly tensed. Karan sitting with rajat explains, he feels sonakshi is a chum much like another, explaining there was a gang in college referred to as as sona gang having all the beautiful girls of the college who favored to be his lady friend, or as a substitute that he wanted to be her lady friend, rajat asks him to say something about sonakshi, karan mentions he changed into a tom boy in university and preferred to preserve an arm wrestling competition with all and sundry, she could constantly loose but nonetheless promised to defeat them,

rajat in a worrying kingdom says he did now not see anything like this, karan assures he could display it inside the morning, mahesh comes scolding karan announcing that it seems he is attempting to break their marriage, mahesh advises rajat to name preeta or shristhi if desires to electrify sonakshi, rajat asks if he can get the range of shristhi, karan says he’ll text him. Within the night time, shristhi opens the room of janki,

she secretly comes to take a seat with her on the mattress waking her up, janki asks her to permit her sleep, she sitting up asks if a cyclone has come, shristhi replies that it might are available in some days, she asks if sarla might remain glad when sarla lives alone for some days, janki says that she could get truly satisfied as she is usually worrying sarla, janki all over again lies to sleep, shristhi asks her to sit announcing she has no longer even started out talking approximately the real difficulty announcing that she knows if she comes across a few unwell spoken man,

there could be scenario one which she might hit him or that she can get scared. Preeta is in her room, deliberating the fact and how that she isn’t always pregnant, but the family is truly satisfied and worrying for her. She doesnot recognize what to do in her existence about revealing the information.

Precap: sarla explains she is truly scared and has horrific emotions, she asks preeta to show what happened, preeta replies there’s no toddler, she is not pregnant and won’t get pregnant ever because she can’t be a mom, karan enters the room, preeta turns in a nation of surprise.


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