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Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has been in the limelight for the past few days. Recall that last week, the Income Tax Department raided Tapsee’s house and office. After the raid, Taapsee also tweeted a tweet on Twitter. At the same time, Taapsee has spoken openly on this issue in an interview.

‘My family was surprised’
Tapasi Pannu said while talking to ‘The Quint’, ‘When the Income Tax Department officials came to me, I was told that my Delhi and other locations in Mumbai are also being investigated. I was informed. I don’t think I would have expected it to happen to me, especially my family. It was surprising for him. He did not see it at all. My whole family was very shocked. ‘

In the
conversation of ‘I am not a criminal’ , Taapsee Pannu further said, ‘The last few years or months have given me a lesson that anything can happen now. This is the price of being a public figure. I am completely fine, because when I have not done anything wrong, I do not know what I should be afraid of and why? If there is any human mistake, I will pay it or I am going to do it. But I am not a criminal. I have not done anything illegal. So I am not afraid of the result. ‘

‘Where are the five crore rupees’
According to media reports, the income tax department says that the receipts for taking cash payment of Rs 5 crore have been recovered from the house of Tapsee Pannu. The agency said that this payment was taken in cash so that tax could be avoided. Talking to Babaki in an interview on this five crore issue, he said, ‘I want to know where those five crore rupees are? I have not been offered this amount for any work in my life. I will frame that receipt for myself. ‘

Taapsee had tweeted in the tweet
that it is important to note that recently Taapsee had made a tweet. In his tweet, Taapsee wrote, “In three days, a thorough search of three things-

1. The key to the bungalow in Paris which is ‘mine’ as it is, because the summer holidays are coming.

2. A ‘stitched’ receipt of five crore rupees which has been kept for the future because earlier I had denied the money.

3. According to our honorable Finance Minister, in 2013 I had a red one… PS- ‘Not so cheap’ not now. ”

The raids were held in the house of the celebs.
Remember that not only Taapsee Pannu but also on March 3, the houses and offices of Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and Madhu Mantena were raided. According to the report of the department, Taapsee and Anurag have stolen tax worth about 350 crore rupees.


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