Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Sameer and shristhi stop infront of the mill, shristhi asks sameer if he is positive this is the proper region when he assures he is aware of that is wherein they needed to come, shristhi takes out a knife, sameer receives bowled over asking if she is making plans to kill all of us, shristhi exclaims it is due to the fact there are kidnappers within the mill so she delivered this for safety, sameer exclaims he doesnot have any for him, shristhi additionally takes out one knife which she had introduced for him, announcing she knew he will come unprepared, he asks her to observe him and walks into the compound, sherlin at the side of the companion makes certain they each get subconscious after forcing them to odor chloroform. Preeta is strolling when sonakshi sees her, she right away calls rajiv,

he then pushes the box away, preeta gets taken aback she without delay picking up the stick begins wondering who are they and why did they kidnap her daughter, she needs them to return pihu while rajiv takes out his gun, two of the abductors are taking pihu into the room, one is asked to tie her inside the chair, at the same time as pihu is constantly crying to satisfy her mother, preeta also after a while yells the call of pihu which she hears, pihu also calls mama, preeta tries to rush to her daughter but sonakshi hits her from at the back of with a bottle, preeta falls on the floor while sonakshi tries to move, preeta catches her ft, she additionally falls onto the floor, they both war whilst preeta is ultimately capable of recognize it’s miles sonakshi,

she additionally gets taken aback wondering how did preeta apprehend her. Sherlin and the associate are taking shristhi and sameer whilst pihu is with the kidnapper who wants to unfastened her, they each walk into the alternative directions, rajiv asks sonakshi if they must kill preeta as this will end her tale but, she replies that she wishes preeta alive. The abductors tell pihu that he goes to put her in the car wherein she could anticipate her mother, he will then tell her mother who will come to her and drive off the car in complete pace. Pihu explains she will be able to save her mom, but the kidnapper reveals she is in reality young, she should consequently concentrate to him.

Sherlin informs that she is going to head and test what is going on internal, the companion has the same opinion saying till then she is going to tie them each. Pihu asks the individual to put him down pronouncing he is genuinely a pleasant man or woman however he should put her down as her mother has come to shop her so she will go along with her in the automobile and pressure off, the individual is forced to agree. Sonakshi informs rajiv that preeta can under no circumstance see her face, therefore he goes to address her, sherlin also comes praising sonakshi, she explains how she has taken care of her visitors who had arrived outside, rajiv and sonakshi get bowled over, sherlin replies that sameer and shristhi had come because preeta called them, but she has looked after them each,

the kidnapper comes with pihu, rajiv questions why did he carry her here, he replies that she turned into getting in reality hungry so he got here to invite if there may be any meals, pihu right now tries to awaken preeta however sonakshi isn’t able to see it, she gets certainly irritated and so pushes pihu who hits the barrel, she receives hurt. Preeta wakes up and so right away is going to pihu, rajiv tries to split them but preeta pushes him away, sonakshi is pressured to drag pihu away from preeta, who questions how can a girls do that to her whilst she could herself be a mother however if she has the energy to kidnap pihu then must reveal her face, pihu lifts the veil of sonakshi,

preeta is bowled over to hear this so questions why did she do this, sonakshi replies she wishes the right to be the wife of karan and the daughter in law of the luthra own family, preeta asks what’s she trying to say, sonakshi replies if she is the mother of pihu then need to be the spouse of karan which might ensure that the she is the daughter of luthra own family. Preeta exclaims sonakshi had nothing, however they have got given her a residence and family to stay in however even then sonakshi isn’t thankful to them. She will be able to not even allow sonakshi to come back close to her house, sonakshi in anger threatens announcing that she will be able to stay in the residence infront of preeta or even name that own family as her very own, if every person tries to face up to, she can make them pay, and can even kill every body.

Preeta is socked then sonakshi points a gun to her head exclaiming she goes to kill her, preeta sees that sonakshi is status on her dupatta so she pulls it causing sonakshi to fall, she manages to select the gun ordering all of them to stay again otherwise she will be able to kill all of us who comes close to her, preeta even fires a bullet whilst they try to return close to her, she sits down in the vehicle and drives off, sherlin comes asking sonakshi to name karan. The luthra’s are ready within the residence once they obtain a call from a lady who explains she has visible something so desires to tell them approximately it, vinod asks ashok to trace the call and additionally locate the identity of the girl. Sonakshi standing inside the mill asks them to tie shristhi and sameer tightly, sonakshi isn’t capable of reach karan explaining when he was coming to fulfill her, she asked him to throw his smartphone,

sherlin advises her to call rakhi, sonakshi calls her, karan takes the smartphone, sonakshi without delay explains that she has sent a region at the cellular of vinod that’s of pihu, she can not cross in alone because they have got weapons a knives, he ought to come at once, vinod orders his crew to % up, they go away when mahesh also says he goes to accompany them, even rakhi and dadi insists but mahesh stops them announcing that she is not well, he asks kritika to attend to her. Sherlin praises sonakshi pronouncing she is a without a doubt correct actor, she desires her good fortune as now sonakshi have to pass alone because sherlin has to head lower back to the luthra residence to behave as an excellent daughter in law.

Precap: karan is shocked to peer sonakshi, he attempts to wake her but then a person points a gun at his head, vinod then orders him to put down his gun. The doctor asks preeta to not worry on the grounds that she will soon be quality, pihu tends to faint when she is apprehensive, preeta asks how does she understand a lot approximately her, the medical doctor replies because she knows her mom.


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