Kundali Bhagya

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Kritika is gambling with Pihu even as Prithvi walks down the stairs, Sherlin is placing the table, Rakhi and Preeta include the plates whilst he unexpectedly stops Rakhi, she receives tensed asking what did he mean, Prithvi exclaims why is she doing such paintings whilst he’s gift as even he’s the son of this own circle of relatives, Rakhi exclaims it isn’t viable considering the fact that he’s the son in law, Prithvi asking Kritika exclaims that nowadays even they may be the participants of the own circle of relatives, Kritika has the same opinion so asks Rakhi to allow him paintings, he taking the plate walks round Sherlin, she receives uncomfortable with him, he even offers her a flying kiss, she alerts him to prevent.

Mahesh involves Pihu pronouncing she will be able to have dinner with him, however she says she can be able to have it with Karan, however then explains may have it with him day after today, she asks if he has befriended her another time, Mahesh begins offevolved tickling her, Rishab walks down with Karan, Karina questions in which are they each going,

Karan in a unhappy voice replies Business assembly, Rishab questions why is he so unhappy as he ought to be glad approximately going to a commercial enterprise assembly, Karan alerts how can one be a glad for a commercial enterprise assembly, Sameer comes panicking, wondering why are they each nonetheless right here considering the fact that they could have already arrived, Rishab exclaims why is he panicking so much, he’s positive that they could now no longer have even arrived.

Mahesh asks who’re the ones human beings who’ve arrived, Sameer replies they may be the commercial enterprise buyers from London and that they normally come on time, Rishab additionally explains how they may be their definitely vintage companions in their company, Karan additionally informs Mahesh how there’s some thing incorrect with their financials and a person is stealing cash from them, Rishab asks why is he troubling Mahesh whilst he instructed Karan he could cope with it, Mahesh asks Rishab if he’s telling the fact, Karan questions if Mahesh thinks he’s mendacity to her, Sameer additionally assures Mahesh they may be looking for the individual that has deceived them so could genuinely locate him, Rishab replies they may be simply attempting with out getting any feasible results, Preeta explains there’s a manner with which they could be capable of locate the culprit, she advises Rishab to have a take a observe for any new individual whom they’ve employed on the time of the fraud as normally they may be those who’ve executed the fraud, Karina scolds her pronouncing that she ought to now no longer thinks of the commercial enterprise as psychotherapy, Rishab but has the same opinion with Preeta explaining she is proper and that they ought to think about the small aspects, he assures of searching into this remember day after today morning.

Karan asks Preeta to anticipate him, as they may get past due from the commercial enterprise assembly, Rishab but informs the assembly will cease quickly, Karan receives a grin on his face, Karan explains how Preeta were given clever after staying with him, however Sameer explains she became already clever from the beginning, she simply were given tensed for a while due to which she became now no longer capable of assume genuinely however they are able to by no means assignment her intelligence, Rishab explains Karan isn’t capable of digest if he praises every body in the front of him, Karan mentions it’s miles due to the fact he’s the best, Mahesh asks him to move and attend the assembly, Sameer additionally go away pronouncing he’ll come back.
Preeta together with the complete own circle of relatives visit the dinner table, Prithvi in a country of hysteria sits down, Preeta sees how Prithvi is calling at Sherlin and they may be each definitely tensed, she receives involved.

In the night time Preeta asks Pihu to sit up straight as she ought to drink the milk earlier than snoozing, Pihu but refuses to drink, she lies down whilst Preeta thinks approximately what she noticed on the dinner table, Pihu explains she desires to her buddy Kuku desires to sleep with the doll, so she can be able to additionally ought to sleep together along with her withinside the toy room, Preeta replies if she is going to sleep on the toy room then she can be able to additionally sleep together along with her withinside the toy room, Pihu asks why could she sleep together along with her whilst Preeta replies it’s miles due to the fact much like Kiku is her favorite so she desires to be together along with her, much like that she is her favorite, Preeta but says she ought to drink milk earlier than going to the toy room, Pihu has the same opinion to drink it so that they each go away.

Rishab and Karan are with the buyers once they give an explanation for how they need to have a party earlier than for the paintings which they may be doing, Rishab says why now no longer however then mentions that he doesnot drink, the buyers explains that it isn’t important that they begin each birthday party with drinking, he explains how they are able to actually have a dinner and consume sweets, Rishab is definitely happy with the idea,

he calls the waiter ordering him to take his visitors on the reserved table, assuring he could be part of them, Rishab is ready to depart whilst karan additionally says he’ll go along with him, Rishab says he goes to name Sherlin, karan additionally explains he goes to name Preeta however Rishab says he need to visit the alternative side, Karan asks if he is attempting to take away him however Rishab assures there’s not anything like that.

Kritika is sitting at the bed, she is definitely tensed due to the excessive headache that she is struggling, Prithvi comes out of the washroom wondering that her brother is definitely suspicious of him, quickly sufficient he could make sure that Prithvi is the only at the back of every and the whole lot so if that ever happens, he ought to make certain that Kritika defends him, he is going to take a seat down together along with her and cracks a lame joke, she but explains she is struggling a excessive headache that’s unbearable,

Prithvi replies how he has a plan as a way to cease her pain, he offers her a pill assuring it’s going to treatment the whole lot after which informs her how he could rubdown her head, he’s massaging it, Preeta from the nook of the door thinks she became traumatic with none purpose as Prithvi is definitely glad with Kritika, she became simply fallacious due to the beyond which he had with Sherlin.

Rishab is attempting to name Sherlin, she comes out of the rest room however doesnot attend his call, she applies the favorite perfume of Prithvi, Karan involves Rishab and scares him from at the back of, Rishab questions why did he scare him, karan explains there has been now no longer any network, Rishab replies he desired to tell Sherlin that he’ll get past due so she will be able to sleep with out traumatic approximately him, Karan begins offevolved tense him after which even dials the touch of Preeta, he doesnot allow Rishab go away.

Sherlin in her room calls Prithvi asking in which he’s, the door opens and Prithvi getting into mentions he arrived simply whilst she known as him, he begins offevolved romancing together along with her wondering why did her husband go back due to the fact ever considering the fact that he got here back, they each have now no longer been capable of meet every other, prithvi explains how he’s definitely lacking her, she feels it’s miles definitely romantic, they each begin to enjoy.

Karan calls Preeta, she asks what took place, Karan asks her to be a bit polite, she replies she is already definitely polite, Karan explains Rishab is appearing like a worrying husband, he receives tensed asking Karan what’s he pronouncing, Karan places the decision on speaker, Rishab informs Preeta how he simply desired to tell Sherlin that they may get past due so she will be able to sleep, Preeta explains he’s definitely nice, Rishab thank you her pronouncing she is the handiest person who is familiar with him, Karan mentions how he desired to tell her pronouncing that Rishab loves Sherlin, he taking the decision asks Preeta to move and tell Sherlin that he would possibly get past due so she will be able to sleep with out traumatic for him, Karan another time asks Preeta to move and tell her that he’ll get past due, she ends the decision.

Rishab asks if he simply desired to drag his leg and had no actual paintings, Karan replies he known as to simply have a laugh then leaves asking Rishab to return back and feature diner.

Preeta explains how Rishab definitely cares for Sherlin however she can be able to by no means mend her ways, she comes to a decision to tell Sherlin. Prithvi receives tensed whilst Sherlin asks what took place, he replies that he has been having a definitely unusual feeling considering the fact that morning, Sherlin is likewise definitely involved due to the fact Rishab has observed out a person is stealing from him, Prithvi asks if she is aware of what this approach, she explains it approach they could get to their vacation spot definitely quickly, Sherlin assures she trusts him, he explains when they attain their vacation spot the Luthra’s could pay for all of the instances they’ve humiliated them each, she kisses him whilst he lies down at the sofa, explaining it’s miles tickling, she says he ought to get used to such kisses, he pulls her nearer so that they each visit the nook.

Preeta is strolling withinside the hall, Prithvi asks if she desires him to smile, he asks her to provide him such kisses as he could usually smile, she begins offevolved kissing him asking how could she kiss him if he continues smiling, Preeta is bowled over to listen them each, Sherlin refuses to prevent pronouncing she could hold kissing him, Preeta unexpectedly opens the door whilst each Prithvi and Sherlin are together, she questions what form of human beings are them, Prithvi mentions she is wondering incorrect of him, Preeta replies what they have been doing is incorrect as she heard them each from outside,

she asks Sherlin why she did this even if she promised her that she can be able to cease all her family members from Prithvi however now she is handiest questioning how can they slump so low, she questions how are they capable of do that even after being married, she questions Prithvi asking what became he doing with Kritika as he became simply worrying for her, she is suspicious if he has given her a snoozing tablet so she will be able to sleep and he can begin this heinous act, Prithvi attempts to disclaim it all.

Precap: Preeta asks them each to return back and solution all of the own circle of relatives, Prithvi asks her to atleast pay attention to her, however Preeta replies that their pot of incorrect doings has filled, Rakhi questions them approximately what has took place explaining she is getting restless, Preeta attempts to mentions the fact taking the call of Sherlin, she but alerts Preeta to now no longer screen the fact.


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