Kundali Bhagya

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Dadi asks karan in which is pihu and why did he no longer carry her, rakhi additionally asks the same query, karan asks vinod to answer, he explains he could have delivered her lower back but all of it were given ruined due to him, he turned into asking the kidnapper to give the deal with but he was no longer capable of, vinod asks karan to don’t forget definitely if the kidnapper turned into not geared up to provide him the cope with, karan starts offevolved to suppose and exclaims he regarded tensed, whilst he did not supply him the bag he pointed a gun to his head.

Rajveer questions in which his brother vicky is, sonakshi explains that he’s dead, rajveer is not able to manage himself, he begins crying sitting down whilst he over again questions sonakshi what was she doing while karan killed his brother, she even got here returned without any cash, he in anger exclaims he could now make karan luthra pay for what he has one, sonakshi asks what’s he doing, rajveer replies she is no longer his boss, he tries to dial the touch of karan but it is not connecting, sonakshi then sends any other kidnapper to move and produce pihu, she even advises him to use the back door in any other case someone might get suspicious, she thinks vicky turned into now not able to give the cope with of pihu due to the fact she had now not told him, so he could have come lower back to the automobile when she would have run away, then she would have herself known as karan from the region in which she saved pihu, at which scene she could not have been connected with them but now everything is ruined. Karan well-knownshows that he felt they did now not even realize the location of pihu,

all the person seemed to care become the money, so he changed into only a pawn in this kidnapping. Mahesh gets tensed when there’s a call on the landline, rajveer right away questions why is he playing games with them while he changed into warned to no longer contain the police, karan additionally replies they agreed that he might be given the vicinity of pihu however the kidnapper did not even realize approximately it, rajveer asks him to allow it’s as if he now wants to meet his daughter then could provide them forty million, rajveer exclaims they knew he might mislead them which is why his brother did not monitor the place of his daughter so now need to deliver the cash, karan attempts to put a situation saying he might first talk along with his daughter however rajveer refuses, karan then proposes they might do a trade but rajveer exclaims this is his kidnapping so he might make the regulations, he exclaims karan is sincerely longing to mee his daughter simply as he wants to meet his brother however that is not viable anymore and who knows if karan might also be able to see his daughter, the whole luthra own family shouts, rajveer exclaims he commenced getting extra tensed while he in no way stated he is going to kill pihu, karan should deliver him the money.

Preeta thinks that her daughter is in trouble so she might first discover her, rajveer exclaims they would meet after one hour, karan exclaims why not at the prevailing time however rajveer replies he doesnot pass over the four o clock information so could stroll out after four thirty then will do the equal change. Vinod standing asks karan to now not flow ahead as that is a honestly risky step, he explains they do no longer understand some thing approximately the kidnapper or his goal, there’s just one aspect clear that’s that he also requires the money at the side of the revenge so who is aware of if he might actually let pihu move because this is a commonplace practice inside the kidnapping instances, that the kidnappers tend to do some thing to the child in any other case the kid might reveal some thing asked. He honestly states they’ll now not return pihu in change of cash and it’s miles clear someone from this residence is giving them the information, otherwise who knew he changed into working with karan. He would harm pihu to take revenge of his brother, he’s pronouncing it actually the kidnapper isn’t going to go back pihu, he has stated it as according to his enjoy, mahesh additionally advises karan to concentrate to vinod. Karan thinks how the kidnapper stated that he is going to look at the four-o clock information, he is going to the media and mentions that that is just like every other kidnapping, he also went to bring her lower back however turned into no longer able to, rajveer in anger exclaims that is the cause he’s now going to go back pihu most effective whilst karan gives the money, if he tries to do some thing then would be accountable as he will kill pihu, sonakshi receives worried.

Karan talking with the media asks them to face by means of him. Sonakshi advises rajveer to return pihu otherwise they might be stuck, and it’ll wreck the whole thing due to the fact karan has requested his lovers to assist him but now she will go back with pihu to the luthra mansion as then she might be the coolest mom even as preeta could be thrown out, she asks them to clean everything from the mill. Karan walks lower back into the mansion when all of them ask him what has he executed, he explains that he needed to calm down the media and also that it might provide vinod extra time to work on his plan, karina consents with karan citing he made the proper choice, shristhi status on the returned feels tensed after seeing the response of sherlin, she doesnot want to accept as true with her so asks if she can convey a glass of water for karan, sherlin leaves in a hurry, shristhi is positive that she is planning something, and is the real informant so comes to a decision to do something positive about her. Preeta manages to hide and phone karan thinking what has he performed and why did he reveal that they’ve involved the police, he mentions he goes to explain everything after coming upstairs but she stops him saying he isn’t always coping with it the right manner as their daughter is in danger, he need to now not have refused to offer the money, karan replies he is doing it all as consistent with his very own ways, preeta exclaims pihu is their daughter and if some thing takes place to her, she will by no means forgive him, preeta ends the call.

Preeta within the mill comes to a decision to call shristhi, she exclaims she is just coming to her residence, preeta replies she is where she would be capable of find pihu and desires to convey her domestic but she needs her help so shristhi must come to this place, shristhi questions where is she while preeta replies she really doesnot understand the real place, preeta has the same opinion to ship her region, shristhi turns to locate sameer who also says he is going to accompany her. They both plan to leave from the bottom of the residence. Rajveer asks his companions to stops pihu crying whilst sonakshi signals him however rajveer asks her to not do that because this changed into her plan but it is all in ruins, he’s dubious she is in reality the actual mom, sonakshi questions what does he mean, she mentions that the plan b could have the same end result, he doesnot recognize, she explains they each might move again home with pihu whilst she could act as if she met him at the manner and he introduced her lower back, he can then take the entire cash which karan turned into about to give to the abductors. Rajveer consents to her new plan. Precap: preeta is inside the mill while rajveer manages to locate her, she tries to run away but sonakshi hits her inside the head with a bottle so she falls to the floor, preeta manages to maintain her by using the ft while she falls, preeta acknowledges that it’s far sonakshi which concerns her.

Precap: nima’s neighbor calls her and tells her approximately mania’s video. The manufacturer calls nima and mania and threatens them that if they are trying to be smart, he’ll ship the video to other human beings near them. Suresh comes to nima’s domestic. There, sia tells him the reality. Suresh wonders who can do that. Nari says, who else gets happiness with the aid of troubling us. Suresh says, tulika? Nari says, sure.


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